posted on Jan. 15, 2020, at 9:00 a.m.

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Fast facts and staggering stats about KBIS and Design & Construction Week. Compiled by Dianne M. Pogoda

Did you know that almost 8 million pounds of freight comes into the convention center to set up the show? Or that there are more than 200 million impressions earned by #KBIS2019 during show month?

Most people who attend DCW are understandably awed by the scope and size of the annual expo, but it’s really amazing when the numbers are attached to it.

Here are some stats and facts that tell the story of KBIS and DCW.

5,000+: The number of KBIS app downloads

34: Number of official KBIS hotel properties in the hotel block.

425,930: Square feet of carpet in the aisles — which can cover more than 7 football fields

7,229: Number of rooms reserved for KBIS in the official hotel block on peak night.

2,928: Soft drinks sold during DCW.

1,272: Cookies sold during DCW.

8,088: Bottles of water sold during DCW.

39%: Share of attendees who said they placed or will place an order with one or more new vendors as a direct result of attending KBIS.

929: Number of trucks delivering and picking up from LVCC.

11,309: Pieces of freight delivered.

636:  Employees for the show

65,640: Union labor hours worked on the show

The weight of the freight received is equivalent to 1,600 automobiles.

If you were to melt down all the copper used by the electricians, you could make 46 million pennies.

1 million: Net square feet of exhibition space used at DCW.

46%: Share of companies attending KBIS with 1 to 9 employees.

7: The number of full days it takes to set up the show, with 6 of those being dedicated to exhibitor move-in.

7,947,472: Total of pounds of freight shipped by exhibitors for the show.

400+: Media in attendance.

1.5 Billion: Combined print circulation and digital reach.

1,940,631: Total square feet of exhibition space at LVCC.

1959: Year the Las Vegas Convention Center opened. It was home to the University of Nevada at Las Vegas Runnin’ Rebels from 1966 to 1982.

1963: Year NKBA was founded as the American Institute of Kitchen Dealers (AIKD)

1964: Year the first AIKD trade show was held: in Philadelphia, with 250 attendees and 24 exhibitors.

KBIS uses enough power to run 8 city blocks.

85: Miles of electrical cable used for KBIS exhibits

19,877: Number of “Likes” on KBIS’ Facebook page.

58,000: Followers of kbis_official on Instagram.

200 million+: Impressions earned by #KBIS2019 during show month.

Salon by KBIS was the most-visited show area during KBIS 2019.

95,000: Attendees at KBIS/DCW in 2019.

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