NKBA Specialty Badges

NKBA has developed a brand-new educational micro-credentialing badge program.

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Your Knowledge on Display

Badge holders are able to communicate focused knowledge in a particular aspect of the kitchen and bath industry. It distinguishes you from your peers as being well versed and educated in a single competency. It provides extensive networking and marketing opportunities to expand your professional growth.

How it Works

Once you have decided which NKBA Specialty Badge to pursue, your next step is to fill-out the online application. You will then receive an email containing detailed instructions.
The instruction email includes how to access the study material using NKBA’s Knowledge Base, a customized study guide identifying specific areas you will be tested on and a link to the exam form.
Once you are ready to proceed to the exam, the final step is to fill out the exam form. Once completed, you will receive an access code and exam instructions to earn your Specialty Badge.
Earn Your Badge

2019 NKBA Specialty Badges

NKBA is launching the following badges to expand industry knowledge for both personal growth and business success. A total of fifteen badges will be available in the future.

Remodeling Specialty Badge
The Remodeling Badge offers a focused overview of current kitchen and bathroom remodeling industry standards and features. The remodeling badge highlights basic building structures, systems, finishes, types, and styles. Emphasis is made on the importance of building codes, regulations, permits, and inspections and when and why they are used. It details the sequence of events of a remodeling project from client interaction, budgeting, design plans, site management, and effective communication for a successful outcome.
Cabinetry Specialty Badge
The NKBA Cabinetry Badge offers a focused overview of current kitchen and bathroom cabinet industry standards and nomenclature. It highlights specific information including various materials, finishing products, storage systems, and joinery options, as well as door styles, hardware and manufacturing processes. It covers basic terminology and nomenclature, as well as methods of sizing that are considered universal throughout the cabinetry industry.
Floor Plans & Specifications Specialty Badge
The Floor Plans & Specifications badge offers a focused overview of current kitchen and bathroom floor plans and specifications industry standards, usage, and variations. It highlights standardized symbols, elements, and necessary components found on a floor plan drawing, and how computer applications are used to create a floor plan. This badge emphasizes the different measuring tools used, how to use them, and when to use them in order to generate an accurate plan.
Sales & Marketing Specialty Badge
The NKBA Sales & Marketing badge offers a focused overview of current kitchen and bathroom sales and marketing industry standards and best practices. It highlights specific information that includes targeting a potential client, obtaining a customer for life, the different stages of a sales process, and basic marketing strategies and campaigns. Current technology and social media platforms used in today’s market to establish a brand are reviewed as well.

Specialty Badge Pricing

$199 for first badge then $149 for each additional badge. NKBA members can acquire as many badges as they feel will aid in personal growth and business success.

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As a manager, earning a Specialty Badge was important because it helps me evaluate the skills of others to help them grow. The future of the industry depends on mentors sharing their expertise.
Vanessa DeKoekkoek Headshot
Vanessa DeKoekkoek
Global Training Manager at 2020
The process was very easy. The training material met the education needs required to pass the test.
Roseann Freitas Headshot
Roseann Freitas
Vice President at Archipelago Hawaii, Luxury Home Design
Being an NKBA Specialty Badge holder means a chance to stand out amongst peers as a knowledge leader concerning a specific area (i.e. sales/marketing).
Shay Emmers Headshot
Shay Emmers
Masco Cabinetry

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a member to earn a badge?
No. Non-members can purchase and take the exam, however to activate your achievement you must hold a membership.
How do I study and take the exam?
Review the Knowledge Base as directed by the study guide. Once you're ready contact the NKBA for your exam access code.
Can I retake a Badge exam if I do not pass?
Yes. You can retest within 7 days of failing. If you do not pass a second time, retesting will occur after 30 days.
How do I maintain my badge credentials?
Stay engaged. To avoid retesting every two years an NKBA badge recipient must attend three in-person industry events and one virtual webinar. Four events every two years must be attended to be "engaged."
Is this a certification?
No. Certifications measure what “You can do”, badges measure what “You know.”
Who are these badges meant for?
Badges are an all-industry program geared toward industry professionals across all of NKBA’s member base.