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NKBA Global Connect

Your path to global connections in the kitchen and bath industry.

The NKBA is the global connector of the kitchen and bath industry.

By forging relationships, sharing insights, and cultivating innovative ideas, the organization is able to inform, inspire, and empower the international kitchen and bath community. Through its Global Connect platform, the NKBA fosters connections between brands, showrooms and designers located all around the world.

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Companies entering or expanding within North America have a partner in the process: the Global Connect Subscription Plan.

Entering the North American Market can be complex, costly and confusing, and a deep understanding of how the market works is essential to the successful launch or expansion of any international brand. So NKBA developed a quicker, smarter way of exploring the region. The Global Connect Subscription Plan provides international companies with the market knowledge and business insights they need to succeed overseas.

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