Through 2026 750,000 jobs are expected to open up in the design and construction industry.

NKBA NextUp aims to recruit and empower a well-prepared workforce that will contribute to the future prosperity and vibrancy of the kitchen and bath industry.

What is NKBA NextUp?

Thousands of kitchen and bath industry jobs go unfilled each month. Yet many teens and their parents aren’t even aware that these lucrative and fulfilling career opportunities exist.

That’s where The National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) NextUp program comes in. As the world’s leading trade association for the kitchen and bath industry, NKBA seeks to raise awareness about careers in designing, building and remodeling beautiful and functional kitchens and baths.

NKBA CEO Bill Darcy discusses labor shortage and announces the NKBA BridgeYear Career Tour program.

Why a Career in the Kitchen and Bath Industry?

It is an exciting time to join our industry. The next generation of kitchen and bath talent will be innovating solutions at the intersection of design, wellness, technology, and sustainability.

The job outlook is bright for whichever kitchen and bath career path one decides to go down . Our sector of the $720 billion residential construction market continues to experience high employment vacancies. Two-thirds of U.S. owned homes are more than 30 years old, requiring modernization through remodeling and replacements. There are many paths to career satisfaction and financial success, not all of which require a four-year degree.

Best of all, when you work in the kitchen and bath industry, you make a real difference in people’s lives. Kitchens and bathrooms are the heart and soul of the home. Whether your interest is in design, installation or sales, a career in our industry is personally and financially fulfilling.

NextUp Next Steps

Below are three tools that can help lead you to a successful career in the kitchen and bath industry.


Search for kitchen and bath industry job and internship opportunities in your area on the NKBA Job Portal.

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Affiliated Schools

NKBA affiliated school graduates are uniquely qualified for career opportunities in the kitchen and bath industry.

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Already attend an NKBA Affiliated School? Learn about the Ellen Cheever Student Certification Scholarship.

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Join the NKBA NextUp conversation around the skilled labor shortage impacting the kitchen and bath industry.

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