Certified Living In Place Professional™ (CLIPP™)

World class education created by the Living In Place Institute and devoted to accessibility, comfort and safety in every home. This is the only education Endorsed by the National Kitchen & Bath Association.
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What You Need to Know

Material Covered
  • Course Objectives
  • Create the Team of Professionals and Your Role as Team Leader
  • Statistics & Trends for the Living In Place Market
  • Medical, Pharmaceutical & Cognitive Issues for All Ages
  • Living In Place Designs, Products & Installation
  • Experiential Meal - Prepare and eat a meal with assigned physical and vision challenges
  • How to Conduct A Home Assessment using the “Home Accessibility and Safety Assessment Checklist™” (HASAC™)
  • How to Sell Your CLIPP Certification & HASAC Services

Choose How You Learn

Live Interactive Virtual Education 6 days about 3 hours per day
Live In-Person Education 2 days about 8 hours per day

What People are Saying

A real game-changer. Honestly, I don't know how someone in my profession can do what we do without the knowledge that this class imparted.
Maria Stapperfenne CMKBD, CLIPP Headshot
Maria Stapperfenne CMKBD, CLIPP
2015 NKBA National President. Tewksbury Kitchen and Bath
There are a number of benefits of CLIPP, in particular the pathway for promotion and teaming with other pros, and the assessment tool.
Mary Jo Peterson, CMKBD, CLIPP, CAPS, MA Headshot
Mary Jo Peterson, CMKBD, CLIPP, CAPS, MA
NKBA Hall of Fame Member - MJP Designs and Author of "Universal Kitchen and Bathroom Planning" and "Gracious Spaces
The CLIPP course was very well designed, developed and paced training. Love that you genuinely help us make our businesses better. It is extremely valuable and worth the time spent.
Elle H-Millard, CKD, CLIPP Headshot
Elle H-Millard, CKD, CLIPP
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