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Canty Brothers Construction Design-Build Lead Carpenter or Apprentice Carpenter(s) at Canty Brothers Construction

Marlborough, Massachusetts · Full-time

Job Description

We are a design-build construction company looking for a motivated Lead Carpenter or Apprentice Carpenters with at least 5 years’ experience for residential construction projects, both new homes and remodeling. Must have reliable transportation and display efficiency with several different hand-tools. Fast paced business with potential for serious growth. Great pay and excellent benefits. Canty Brothers Construction is a veteran owned & operated company specializing in high quality home remodeling, commercial renovation, custom home building and design. We serve the Metrowest / Greater Boston / Central Massachusetts area. Allow our dedicated Canty Brothers team, led by owner John Canty, including project managers, carpenters and designers, to bring their extensive knowledge and expertise in delivering complete customer satisfaction and exceptional service in making your dream home a reality. | Office: 781-893-8169 Overall Responsibilities: • Exceeding Customer Satisfaction • Carpentry Labor & Managing Design-Build Team • Managing Subcontractors • Accountability Of All Materials • Representing The Company For On-Site Inspections • Collecting Progress Payments • Daily Job Clean-Up • Maintain Completion Date as Specified • Accountability of Job Records Specific Duties: • You are the on-site manager on the construction job. Your good performance is extremely important to the success of our company. You are on the "front line" in achieving our company goals of superior product quality and superior customer satisfaction. • Responsible for knowing and understanding all job paperwork: plans, specifications, and change orders. Any questions you have, or discrepancies you discover, should be checked with the production manager. • Participate in the pre-construction conference and the quality control pre-completion punch list, along with the salesperson, production manager (when applicable), and owner(s). • Responsible for performing all carpentry labor on the job, requesting help as it is needed. When other carpenters or helpers are on your job, you are responsible for assigning them work, expediting their performance, and generally supervising them. • Responsible for time cards for all personnel. • Coordinate all subs, work out all their layout problems, ensure their proper performance, and approve their payment, as well as seeing that they get timely inspections on their work. You also ensure that they cleanup their own jobs. • Responsible for ordering materials promptly and accurately, with at least 24 hours notice. Please be sure to check materials deliveries for accuracy in quantity and measurement, and for any damage. • Protect the owners' property. Do not use, or allow others to use, any of the owners' equipment, tools, or cleaning supplies. • Set up and monitor a "safeplace" on the job where items to be re-used are protected. • Responsible for the owners' security. Lock up carefully at the end of each day. Do not leave ladders at house windows to tempt burglars. • Adequate dust protection is one of your most important jobs. Try to keep all dust and dirt as isolated from the owners as possible. Broom-clean the job site daily, and see that trash is hauled away at least weekly. Trash should be put on plastic that is laid on top of plywood. Supervise "maid" clean services when applicable on larger jobs. • Deliver customer invoices and collect customer payments according to the contract terms. • Responsible for writing up the change orders with precise specifications, explain the scope of work to the customer, agree on the price, obtain the owners' signatures and collect the payment. • Responsible for installing a job sign in the most prominent place and keep it in good condition. • Responsible for the schedule by monitoring progress on the flow chart. Notify the production manager if you will have any problem keeping to this schedule. • Responsible for job safety for both the owner and our team. Wear hard hats, goggles, and steel-toed work shoes where necessary. Be sure that the job conditions encourage safety. Monitor both company and individual equipment for proper safety features and safe electrical cords and inform the production manager of any unsafe conditions. • Responsible for conducting the quality control pre-completion punch list. Where possible, you will conduct informal inspections leading up to the formal quality control punch list with the goal of having a "zero defect" final punch list. • Responsible for all service calls involving work done by the company during the one-year warranty period. • You will attend all production meetings and offer ongoing support and suggestions on ways to improve the field operation of the company. ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

About Canty Brothers Construction

The dedicated Canty Brothers team, led by owner John Canty, includes project managers, carpenters and designers that bring deep knowledge & expertise to deliver complete customer satisfaction and exceptional service in making your dream home a reality!!!