Nominations for National Leadership positions are open through Aug. 31.

NKBA thrives when the great volunteers on the local level take their talents and energies to the National level, serving on the Board of Directors or one of the committees that help steer the Association. Self-nominations for national leadership positions are open through Aug. 31, and applying is just a couple of clicks away.

Three positions will be open on the Board of Directors when the new term begins on Jan. 1, 2021. Several committees are also seeking volunteers with the desire to engage, participate and guide the association.

There are two positions available on each of the Leadership Recruitment Committee (LRC) and Chapter Leadership Committee (CLC), as well as the KBIS Exhibitor Committee (KEC).

To be considered for the Board, LRC or CLC, candidates must be NKBA members in good standing. Additionally, for CLC, applicants must be a current chapter officer of his/her Chapter and have served at least one full year as a chapter officer immediately prior to the year of application.

For the KBIS Exhibitor Committee, applicants must have been an exhibitor at KBIS 2020 and must have a firm commitment to exhibit at KBIS 2021.

Interested in showcasing your passion for the industry by pursuing one of these exciting leadership roles? Click here to see the detailed responsibilities of each committee and decide which role best fits your skill set!