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Colors of Biophilia: Enhancing Wellness Through Nature-Inspired Colors


June 11, 2024 | 12:00 PM ET


Paula Kennedy, CMKBD, CLIPP, CACC, Owner, Timeless Kitchen Design

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What You Will Learn

Our world is a magnificent tapestry of colors, each shade weaving its unique influence into the fabric of our lives. From the serene blues of the sky to the passionate radiance of the sun, colors possess the remarkable ability to shape our emotions, guide our choices, and enhance our overall well-being. Join us in this enlightening seminar as we venture deep into the captivating realm of color psychology and its profound impact on human health and wellness.

During this seminar, we will dive into the captivating world of color psychology and its profound effects on human health and well-being. We will unravel the secrets of how colors can be harnessed to create environments that nurture our minds, bodies, and spirits, with a special emphasis on the concept of Biophilic design. Biophilia, which celebrates our intrinsic connection with nature, serves as our guiding principle as we embark on a transformative journey to seamlessly integrate the outdoors into our indoor spaces. This integration enriches our lives through the ingenious use of color and design.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the Psychology of Color: Gain insight into how the human eye and brain perceive and interpret color, and how these interpretations influence our emotions and well-being.
  • Master the Art of Color Application: Learn practical strategies for using color to create illusions of height, space, intimacy, appetite stimulation, and calmness in various design contexts, from homes to commercial spaces.
  • Embrace Biophilic Design Principles: Explore the concept of Biophilia and how it can be integrated into wellness and Universal Design. Discover how to use color to enhance the connection between interior spaces and the natural environment, fostering mental and physical well-being.
Featured Presenter
Paula Kennedy, CMKBD, CLIPP, CACC

Paula’s industry experience of 25 years and her boutique firm, Timeless Kitchen Design L.L.C., is focused out of a love of kitchen and bath design. NKBA Certified Master Kitchen & Bath Designer, Certified Architectural Color Consultant, Certified Living in Place Professional. Paula is an award-winning designer and serves as a K+BB Advisory Council member, honored as an NKBA Lifetime Ambassador and is recognized as an NKBA Subject Matter Expert. She contributes to the industry by speaking, teaching, curriculum creation, mentoring, and writing, most recently embracing topics of creativity, innovation, technology, wellness, and inclusive design. Inspiring others feeds her passion for design, mentorship, and teaching. Follow Paula on IG @paulakennedyckd

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