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Sharon L. Sherman’s Sustainable K&B Product Picks

The designer shared her favorite eco-friendly solutions with NBKA | KBIS.

By Elisa Fernández-Arias

As part of NKBA | KBIS’ Sustainability Month this April, the association reached out to designers about their preferred green products and solutions for kitchen and bath. Sharon L. Sherman, CKD, ASID, NCIDQ, CID, of Thyme & Place Design LLC, who incorporates sustainability into her designs, shared her top eco-friendly picks, which range from under sink composting to energy management systems.

  1. LED Lighting from CLEANLIFE
Image courtesy of CLEANLIFE.

“CLEANLIFE has a very interesting system of lighting with LED,” explained Sherman. “Instead of individual transformers on each fixture, there is a main hub for DC power being used for the fixtures. This means better energy management and a more streamlined installation process.”

  1. Water Conserving Faucets from Various Brands
Image courtesy of MOEN.

“DELTA, BRIZO, KOHLER, MOEN and HOUSE OF ROHL have all made improvements in their water conservation when it comes to their faucets, developing shower heads which can still provide a great shower experience but with much less water usage,” said Sherman.

  1. Composter for Garbage Disposals from Kraus
Image courtesy of Sharon L. Sherman.

Sherman highlighted a composter that fits in a sink cabinet, which Kraus showed at KBIS as a prototype. “Liquids and solids are separated, and the solids go to the composter which creates usable composted solid in just a few days,” she said.

  1. Energy Management Systems from Various Brands
Image courtesy of SAVANT.

Sherman pointed to SPAN and SAVANT as energy management systems that are “game changers” when it comes to how power is managed and distributed throughout a home. “These systems not only manage the type of energy coming into the home, but they can also determine the best use for that energy based on usage, the time of day and what products are calling for what type of power,” noted Sherman.

  1. Toilets by TOTO
Image courtesy of TOTO.

“TOTO is always improving  the performance of the water science that goes into their toilets,” said Sherman.

Sharon L. Sherman is the founder and principal of Thyme & Place Design. Her award-winning designs have graced magazine pages for more than 20 years. With her dedicated team of construction professionals, she brings her signature “quiet luxury” style and soulful design aesthetic to every project. Sharon offers a variety of design services available anywhere in the country. Whether you need quick advice, exquisite design, or full-service concierge level design and installation, Thyme & Place will bring a unique blend of design expertise to create an entire living environment that harmonizes with your lifestyle.