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PlasmaMade® Filters: No Ducts Required

This revolutionary range-hood filter is a game-changer for kitchen designers and builders.

Image courtesy of Jak Appliance Group.

By Dianne M. Pogoda

Ductless range hoods have been an innovative way to deliver options in kitchen design — and freedom for kitchen designers — allowing the cooktop and corresponding vent to be placed anywhere in the space without requiring exterior venting. A concern, however, was the efficient elimination of cooking smoke and grease. PlasmaMade® E-Filters solve this issue without costly and invasive ductwork.

JAK Appliance Group is unveiling the PlasmaMade® E-Filter system in North America this month. This high-performance system, developed in Europe, revolutionizes kitchen design and function. Its game-changing technology performs as efficiently as a ducted hood without the constraints of traditionally exhausted range hoods. A cooktop may be placed in an island or along an interior wall without the logistics or expense of ventilation ducts, allowing numerous creative options for designers to maximize layout and function in the kitchen.

The hood removes smoke and grease by taking in cooking fumes, capturing the grease and filtering the air, and then recirculating clean air. “Plug-and-play” products may be installed with no mess or major construction.

PlasmaMade® E-Filters use carbon, glass fiber and electrostatic filters as well as a plasma generator to remove particles down to 0.1 micron. No filter replacement is necessary for up to 15 years. PlasmaMade® filters may be mounted onto nearly all new and existing extractor hoods, and are available in round and flat styles.

JAK, a specialty importer, distributor and brand developer for kitchen appliances, was founded in 2010 and is based in Ontario, Canada. It manufactures and distributes kitchen appliances and plasma ventilation systems under several well-known brand names, including Caloric, HCK, iio and now, PlasmaMade®. Its product lines include refrigerators, ranges, range hoods and plasma filters that connect with the needs of the modern consumer. Among its key focuses are space efficiency, environmentally friendly products, retro styling and enhancing healthy environments.

JAK Appliances will formally introduce its PlasmaMade filters at KBIS in Las Vegas, Feb. 27 to 29. JAK, a first-time exhibitor, will show in the West Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center in Booth #W1776. Click to learn more about JAK Appliance Group and about PlasmaMade® e-filters.