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BDNY: Toni Sabatino and Sandra Singh’s Favorite Finds

The designers share their top five brands from the hospitality show.
From left to right, Brian Gallop, Business Relations Manager/Brand Ambassador, GRAFF, Sandra Singh, CEO of Teakana, Barbara Haberman, Sales Specialist, Bloomingdale’s, 59th Street, NYC and Toni Sabatino, AKBD, Interior Designer & Owner of Toni Sabatino Style, at BDNY in New York last month.

NKBA is asking designers to share their Favorite Finds from different shows throughout the year and around the globe.  Here, we highlight the top brands that Toni Sabatino, AKBD, Interior Designer & Owner of Toni Sabatino Style, and Sandra Singh, CEO of Teakana, discovered at Boutique Design New York (BDNY). Both designers are members of the NKBA Manhattan Chapter and attended BDNY when it was held at the Jacob Javits Convention Center last month. 

“BDNY is a great show for higher end home designers,” said Sabatino.  “The products you see at the show transition well to the resort quality of living that clients are happy to spend a little more to get.”

The following five brands topped their list from BDNY.   

The Caramelo Mirror 700 from ADRIANA HOYOS. Image courtesy of ADRIANA HOYOS.


Both designers agreed that they “love Adriana Hoyos for the clean but detailed designs and the environmental consciousness of the company.” Both Sabatino and Singh said they also had visited the brand’s showroom in Ecuador where most of the products are made. Visit Adriana Hoyos here

Futurismo Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet from GRAFF. Image courtesy of GRAFF.


Not only has GRAFF recently introduced a “fabulous new kitchen line,” but the company also hired Manhattan Chapter member Brian Gallop, who has taken a new position there. Visit GRAFF here.  

Ceramic wall planters from PANDEMIC DESIGN STUDIO’s Node Collection. Image courtesy of PANDEMIC DESIGN STUDIO.


In a nod to sustainability, both designers highlighted Pandemic Design Studio, which offers “a great way to bring biophilia into a space” without the water consumption and maintenance of a green wall. Visit Pandemic Design Studio here.

The Maydech, Kanto and Layan from SYVONT’S 2023 collection. Image courtesy of SYVONT.


Both designers agree that Syvont, a company started by students from China, is innovative and its indoor/outdoor furniture and accessories – made from recycled paper – are attractive. Visit Syvont here.

SKARA BRAE backlit quartz from Cambria. Image courtesy of Cambria.


Cambria got the vote of both designers, who called out their innovative new backlit products.  

About the designers: 

An award winning kitchen designer, Sabatino started out in the K&B industry working with a kitchen cabinet manufacturer, and has since then included over 1,000 kitchens in her portfolio, become CLIPP-certified and is a past Star Award winning President of the NKBA Manhattan Chapter.

Singh has been working in K&B for over 10 years, starting out as an Interior Designer and then specializing as a Furniture, fabrics and wallpaper Consultant before starting TEAKANA, a teak company focused on sustainable practices and delivering high-quality products, in 2009.