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Rebranding Your Business 101: How to Level Up + Shift Perception


January 17, 2024 | 12:00 PM ET


Devyn Voorheis, Owner & Brand Designer of d.voorheis design

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What You Will Learn

What if your design business could give you more? By rebranding your business, you could give yourself the opportunity to amplify returns in ALL areas: time, profit, balance, freedom, and fulfillment. But there’s a catch; you need a plan to ensure success.

In this presentation led by brand designer + business owner Devyn Voorheis, attendees will be given an exclusive look behind the curtain into the unique client process of a successful full-service branding agency, from establishing brand strategy and designing visual brand identity, to brand photography and website development. 

Attendees will be taken through the journey of a full rebrand client from start to finish, providing special access to some of the most critical questions, ideas and processes that go into the reimagining of a brand. Then, the presentation will be followed by an interactive Q+A discussion with Devyn where attendees will get the chance to receive expert advice for their businesses/in general.

By the end of the session, all attendees will leave having learned invaluable knowledge of what key factors are necessary for a successful business rebrand, as well as receive their own toolkit of resources straight from a brand designer to aid in their current or future business’s success.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the 4 key parts of a successful (re)brand in any industry.
  • Learn and understand the steps taken in order to determine a brand’s strategy.
  • Learn to detail the core elements of brand identity design and the importance of each.
Featured Presenter
Devyn Voorheis

As the lead designer and owner of a full-service brand agency, Devyn has been in the brand + marketing industry for almost 10 years. With direct experience having worked in corporate, mid-size and small business settings during her career, she finally settled into her current position as the owner of her company d.voorheis designs three years ago in 2020, with plans to continue to scale. The business works with clients across the country and across industries, including real estate, weddings, food and beverage, healthcare, fitness and more. When she’s not working, she spends her time hiking or in the gym with her husband, trying out the newest restaurants in her hometown of Raleigh, NC, or binging the latest HBO series. Balance is key

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