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Maximize Your Sales System’s Profit Potential


May 21, 2024 | 12:00 PM ET


Brandy Lawson, CEO, FieryFX

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What You Will Learn

A healthy sales system supports efficiency, effectiveness and profit. A poor sales system might be costing you more than potential leads and sales opportunities, it might be draining profit, damaging your brand and limiting growth. Systems are neither right nor wrong. The evaluation of a system is about if it is supporting the results you want now and in the future. 

Good systems, especially sales systems, support the people doing the work and make it simple to deliver the expected results consistently. A well-architected sales system can minimize time spent on sales tasks because it facilitates maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Not only is this great for profitability, but it also makes for happy employees because designers want to be spending their time being creative, not chasing down leads.

Attend this webinar to learn where the profit-suckers might be in your system, what makes for an effective system, and the steps needed to make changes if you want to improve.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover what profit-suckers are exactly and how to find them within your sales system.
  • Learn the 4 keys to an effective kitchen and bath sales system.
  • Identify your top priority changes and how to implement them.
Featured Presenter
Brandy Lawson

Brandy Lawson has been described as a world-class explainer and a catalyst for uncovering valuable insights and distilling them into clear and effective actions. Brandy’s expertise lies in identifying untapped opportunities and implementing more effective approaches in marketing and business. Brandy is the driving force behind FieryFX, a cutting-edge systems operations agency that helps Kitchen & Bath design businesses standardize, simplify and innovate to be more profitable & less stressful. Through her dynamic and engaging weekly podcast, “Elevated,” she imparts snackable knowledge bombs on using technology, experts, and smart business to scale businesses while being humans that have enjoyable lives. Brandy describes herself as a tech enthusiast, a lover of extravagant shoes, a pursuer of clarity, and a reforming know-it-all. Her passion for empowering companies to thrive through expert hiring and streamlined operations makes her an influential and sought-after speaker in the business world and beyond.

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