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Smart Home Integration

How To Meet Your Client’s Smart Home Needs & Questions


September 12, 2023 | 12:00 PM


Josh Christian – CEO – Home Technology Association

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How To Meet Your Client’s Smart Home Needs & Questions

Technology is increasingly woven into the fabric of our everyday lives. The pandemic made this reality even more noticeable with so many suddenly working and learning from home, creating more demand for more home technology. Beyond entertainment technologies like audio/video and media rooms, the peace of mind supplied by security systems and surveillance cameras, and the requirement for reliable and secure Wi-Fi, clients increasingly want their home to be “smart”. What exactly is a “smart home” and how do I answer my clients’ questions about smart home options? How does this affect my kitchen and bath design? How much do these home technologies cost? Who should install it? How does this affect the aesthetic design of the project, and what other trades might be affected?

This webinar will answer the above questions and empower you to have confident conversations with your client about how to approach their home tech needs. By having a plan on how to deal with the home’s low-voltage technologies, not only are you providing valuable guidance and insights to your clients, but your projects will also benefit aesthetically. In the past, designers were happy if the home’s technologies didn’t create an eyesore, though today’s proactive designer understands that properly designed and specified home technology can instead beautify a space and make the entire home more user-friendly. 

This course will share the scope of technologies that professional home technology integrators install and how to find and work with one that understands you and your clients’ needs.

During this session, you will:

  • Gain the confidence and simple tools needed to quickly evaluate their clients’ technology requirements.
  • Establish why a technology integrator should be a key resource for kitchen and bath designers and why to engage integrators early.
  • Share how to find qualified home technology integrators that are used to working with design professionals.

How To Meet Your Client’s Smart Home Needs & Questions
Josh Christian – CEO – Home Technology Association.

Josh has been a technology enthusiast since a child and entered the home technology industry in 1995. Soon after, he began working with designers to help them integrate technology into their projects in the most aesthetically pleasing ways possible. In 2017 Josh co-founded the Home Technology Association (HTA) to create the industry’s first and only standard of excellence for home technology integrators so homeowners and design and build professionals could find qualified home technology integrators. The HTA has positioned itself as the ‘bridge’ between home technology integrators and the design and build professions.

He has delivered dozens of presentations to some of the top architects, and interior designers throughout the USA. In serving different roles, as a salesperson, a consultant, and an industry outreach liaison, Josh brings years of experience with integrating technology into design. His goal has always been for clients to have exceptional technology experiences. In his role as CEO of the HTA, he is delivering on that goal.

How To Meet Your Client’s Smart Home Needs & Questions

We create the perfect combination of intelligent technology, functionality, and design. It is with this claim that we develop and produce a variety of fittings for all sorts of different functions; including drawer box systems, slides, hinges as well as sliding and folding door systems. Because good furniture needs good solutions – for the home, working world and quality of life. Every day, over 6,700 members of staff take up the challenge of developing intelligent technology for furniture. The home of the family-owned business is in Kirchlengern, Germany.

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