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Fridges, Ranges, Dishwashers & More: An Expert Installer’s Guide to Specifying Kitchen Appliances


October 18, 2023


Rebecca West, CEO, Seriously Happy Homes
Damian Konasiewicz, CEO, Damian John Installations

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What You Will Learn

Do you ant to avoid last-minute remodeling nightmares that come when your new kitchen is nearly complete but the new fridge, range, or dishwasher won’t actually fit? 

In this interview-style session expert appliance installer Damian Konasiewicz, CEO of Damian John Installations, will share what he’s learned over 25 years of appliance install experience to better equip *you* to specify the right kitchen appliances, read the specs, and carefully manage your cabinet makers so they get the cabinet openings right *the first time* – no matter what brand of appliances you specify. Armed with just a little more information you can avoid ending up with openings that are too small, exhaust fans that can’t be vented, gas lines that need to be rerouted, and other remodeling horror stories. 
By the end of this session you might just know more about appliance selection than your appliance salespeople!

The interview will be led by Rebecca West of Seriously Happy Homes, and advance questions can be submitted to her at If you have a question about a specific appliance, be sure to include the brand and model number for the most accurate answers to your questions!

Learning Objectives: 

  • Learn what kinds of questions to ask, and what to pay attention to, when choosing appliances based on site conditions within, above, below, and next to the space you’re remodeling.
  • Understand how to read the specs to make sure appliances will both fit in the opening and function properly.
  • Get familiar with how code, and code updates, can *really* complicate an appliance install – especially when trying to replace like-and-kind but not doing a whole home remodel.
Featured Presenter
Rebecca West – CEO – Seriously Happy Homes

Interior designer Rebecca West is CEO of her Seattle-based residential design company “Seriously Happy Homes”, author of the book “Happy Starts at Home,” and host of the podcast “Creating Your Happy Place.” She’s been seen on TV on New Day Northwest and Seattle Refined, spoken at Town Hall and Ignite Seattle, and been featured in Seattle Magazine, Success Magazine, the UK Times, and more. She’s also a business consultant to her fellow residential interior designers through Seriously Happy Coaching & Consulting, on the board of the Heritage Design School, and a small business mentor with SCORE Seattle. She can’t resist a costume party or a cat video, and has a weakness for Oreos, Taco Bell, and Scotch whiskey. Find her on Instagram @beseriouslyhappy

Featured Presenter
Damian Konasiewicz – CEO – Damian John Installations

Expert Appliance Installer Damian Konasiewicz and his crew of over 20 team members has been installing kitchen and laundry appliances across the Puget Sound region near Seattle, Washington for over 20 years.

Thanks to their can-do attitude, Damian John Installations quickly became the go-to referral for local appliance stores like Albert Lee, Judd and Black, and
Metropolitan Appliance – the DJI team always seems able to do what others can’t – either because they don’t have the experience, the confidence, or even the
willingness to try. Since 2002 Damian and his team have helped thousands of homeowners and commercial builders successfully install hundreds of thousands of kitchen and laundry appliances. They’ve established solid relationships with brands from Maytag to Miele, GE to Gaggenau, and Whirlpool to Wolf, making sure to keep up with all available certifications and keeping current with code updates. If you have a question about how to install an appliance – Damian’s probably got the answer! A New Jersey native, he’s an avid traveler and eager chef who happily tolerates his wife’s love of costume parties.

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