“Do I Really Have to Do That?”…On My Tile and Stone Installations – A Collection of Tile Industry Myths, Urban Legends, Misconceptions, and Misunderstandings – NKBA


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“Do I Really Have to Do That?”…On My Tile and Stone Installations – A Collection of Tile Industry Myths, Urban Legends, Misconceptions, and Misunderstandings


February 8, 2023


Dean Moilanen, Director of Architectural Services, Noble Company

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What You Will Learn

This webinar includes a collection of tile industry myths, urban legends, misconceptions, and misunderstandings. We will review industry standards, products, installation methods, and practices used to ensure safe, durable installations.

Despite best efforts to educate, problems still exist due to resistance to proper methods, product selection, and practices. This session will provide you with the standards, recommendations, and necessary practices to achieve problem-free, durable tile installations. We will review substrate preparation, performance testing, and more to help achieve successful systems.

During this session, you will:

  • Identify trends in product development, installation methods, and industry standards; specifically, those ANSI standards which dictate required “best practices” with regard to the installation of ceramic tile & natural stone.
  • Acknowledge that in spite of best efforts, there still remain a number of prevailing notions, stubbornly held beliefs, and legacy old school practices which continue to prevent current best practices from thriving.
  • Examine the impact these holdover notions and practices have on the quality and longevity of tile and stone installations, as well as health and safety concerns that stem from the consequences of to certain non-standard installation methods.
Featured Presenter
Dean Moilanen–Director of Architectural Services–Noble Company

Dean Moilanen is a Division 9 waterproofing, crack isolation, and permeation specialist who advises on some of the most demanding and prestigious projects in the USA. As a 35-year veteran of the tile industry, Dean’s relationships with architects, builders, and owners allow him access to some of the most challenging and compelling design issues in the industry. Dean’s extensive career on job sites gives him a real-world perspective as he has seen first-hand success and failure relating to product selection, installation issues, and sequencing challenges.

Dean is an AIA Las Vegas Allied Member, CSI, CTEF, IIBEC, NTCA Ambassador, Certified Forensic Stone & Tile Inspector.

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