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Effective Leadership

Confident, Collaborative Leadership: What to Control, When to Collaborate, How to Stay Confident


October 2, 2023


Rebecca West, CEO, Seriously Happy Homes

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What You Will Learn

Do you feel confident in your role as a leader? When you need to trust others to do their job, do you feel like you’re able to get the results you need – without micromanaging your team members? Do your clients, contractors, and team members trust you as a leader, and get you what you need, when you need it? Or do you feel like you’re always chasing people for things you’ve asked them for? Worse, do you feel like folks dismiss you, even when you *try* to lead?

People love to follow great leaders! Great leaders provide a clear vision for the outcome of a project, and create confidence in both the end goal and the journey. They make sure everyone knows what the team is trying to accomplish, and ensure that everyone has the tools they need to succeed, without micromanaging every detail. But great leadership starts long before we start assigning tasks to others. Our behaviors, words, and choices either establish us as a leader (making it easier to succeed), *or* they undermine our position as a leader (making it harder than it has to be to get things done).

Ready to step up as a great leader, feel proud of your team, and be trusted by your team members? Let’s make sure that your approach to leadership (including the words you use, the behaviors you model, and the decisions you make) help the whole team succeed together. Whether you have an official title as a leader, or simply want to step up as a leader in your current role, this webinar will give you the confidence to take charge, especially when there is no clear leader in the room.

Learning Objectives: 

  • You will be able to determine what is in your influence, and how can you control the outcome without micromanaging the journey.
  • Learn tips that cement your authority while elevating your team members (be they employees, clients, or contractors).
  • Identify words and behaviors that might undermine your authority, and level up your confidence as a leader.
Featured Presenter
Rebecca West – CEO – Seriously Happy Homes

Interior designer Rebecca West is CEO of her Seattle-based residential design company “Seriously Happy Homes”, author of the book “Happy Starts at Home,” and host of the podcast “Creating Your Happy Place.” She’s been seen on TV on New Day Northwest and Seattle Refined, spoken at Town Hall and Ignite Seattle, and been featured in Seattle Magazine, Success Magazine, the UK Times, and more. She’s also a business consultant to her fellow residential interior designers through Seriously Happy Coaching & Consulting, on the board of the Heritage Design School, and a small business mentor with SCORE Seattle. She can’t resist a costume party or a cat video, and has a weakness for Oreos, Taco Bell, and Scotch whiskey. Find her on Instagram @beseriouslyhappy

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