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K+B Trends and Growth

Avoiding Analysis Paralysis: Google Analytics 4


December 11, 2023


Brian Javeline, President, MyOnlineToolbox

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What You Will Learn

Everyone has been using Universal Google Analytics since 2005 and for most, it faded away in July 2023.   The new Google Analytics 4 became the way of analyzing data reimagined.  Google Analytics 4 blows away the past in understanding how to analyze your marketing data and now everyone is adjusting at the same time.  Those who sooner understand the changes will have a competitive advantage to see what is working and what is not working with their marketing.  Don’t just let technical folk guide you.  Instead, focus on what matters for our industry, otherwise you will be lost in a world of Analysis Paralysis. During this session, join Brian Javeline, as he outlines how to utilize Google Analytics for your business.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Learn how to easily understand the data comparisons of the past so you can embrace the future.
  • Understand how the metrics are now being accumulated to adjust your strategic approach. 
  • Understand how to separate brand (organic-free) marketing versus paid advertising.
Featured Presenter
Brian Javeline – President – MyOnlineToolbox

Brian Javeline is president of MyOnlineToolbox, an industry leader for online marketing education and strategy planning.  As a Brand Ambassador, he focuses on ensuring all aspects of Websites, Social Media, Images, Video and SEO focus on More Quality Leads as a long term strategy for continued growth. Feel free to reach out to me on MyOnlineToolbox.com or on IG and Facebook @myonlinetoolbox.

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