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Transitional Design Style


December 6, 2023


Paula Kennedy, CMKBD, Founder & Designer, Timeless Kitchen Design

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What You Will Learn

While looking at design sometimes we wonder – is it contemporary, is it traditional, or is it transitional? The struggle is real in our industry. If you ask ten designers, you may get ten different answers. Transitional design style is the often-misunderstood middle child. However, it is a huge category and could also be called the catch-all category. Paula teaches interior design students that there are three overarching categories and then dive into the subcategories underneath each.

During this session, Paula Kennedy, CMKBD, will explore features, elements of design, principles of design, materials and details that make up transitional design. By comparing with other participants, you’ll learn how to easily identify your client’s style and how the architecture of the residence plays a part as well. If you’ve never been able to define it when asked by your clients, you’ll leave this webinar with a much greater understanding, and we hope, a new appreciation for this legitimate design category.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Learn how to define the three design categories (contemporary, traditional, and transitional).
  • Recognize and identify transitional design style.
  • Discuss the categories, products, and design implications.
Featured Presenter
Paula Kennedy, CMKBD – Designer – Timeless Kitchen Designs

Paula’s industry experience of 24 years and her firm, Timeless Kitchen Design L.L.C., is focused out of a love of kitchen and bath design. NKBA Certified Master Kitchen & Bath Designer, Certified Architectural Color Consultant, Certified Living in Place Professional.  Paula is an award-winning designer and serves as a K+BB Advisory Council member, honored as an NKBA Lifetime Ambassador and is recognized as an NKBA Subject Matter Expert. She contributes to the industry by speaking, teaching, curriculum creation, mentoring, and writing, most recently embracing topics of creativity, innovation, technology, wellness, and inclusive design.  Inspiring others feeds her passion for design, mentorship, and teaching.

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