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ADU’s Building for Today, Tomorrow and the Future of Home


December 1, 2022


Rachel Damron Arndt, Northern California Territory Manager, Waterstone Faucets &
Erica Crumley, Chief Content Officer, ADU Magazine

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What You Will Learn

Accessory Dwelling Units are the hottest topic in Real Estate, Construction, and Design. With states like California, Oregon, New York and cities like Austin, Denver, and Chicago throughout the US changing housing laws and zoning to accommodate secondary dwellings. This has created a demand for ADU’s and options for homeowners who can and want to create an ADU on their property.

Cities are essentially allowing homeowners to become mini developers and build multifamily homes on the lots and homes where they already live and own. The options are unlimited and the opportunities expanding, and everyone is noticing they have more options than ever when it comes to building a custom space that accommodates all their needs. Whether a space for guests, family members, a home office, residential rental space or at home schooling. These are just a few options and reasons to build an ADU and reasons why ADU’ are so appealing.

ADU’s can be an investment in your, and our future. The future of cities and neighborhoods are being changed to create inclusive spaces that build community, innovation, and opportunity. An investment for our families, an opportunity to create generational wealth, and a retirement opportunity/plan aside from traditional forms of investment. They complement a variety of lifestyles and demonstrate the importance of design when building these smaller structures. Smaller spaces are generally more environmentally sustainable, and when building a secondary unit many homeowners and builders can use better products to reduce a home and families carbon footprint.

During this session, you will:

Describe what ADU’s are, the many terminologies used to describe them and why the building trends of ADU’s are not going away.
Discover how ADU’s will change the conversation about small living spaces, sustainable living, and design, and the creation of affordable housing.
Assess how ADU’s will benefit the homeowners and families financially and in their health and wellness.

Featured Presenter
Rachel Damron Arndt – Northern California Territory Manager – Waterstone Faucets

Rachel (Damron) Arndt is Waterstone Faucets Northern California Territory Manager. She has represented some of the highest quality and innovative plumbing brands in the industry. In 2020 she found her home with Waterstone Faucets and is passionate about people, product, and continuing education.

Rachel is newly married and has two dogs, three cats and ten fish. She lives in Sacramento and enjoys exploring the outdoors and eating good food.

Featured Presenter
Erica Crumley – Chief Content Officer – ADU Magazine

Erica Crumley is Chief Content Officer of ADU Magazine (, the leading publication dedicated to promoting and celebrating Accessory Dwelling Units, small/tiny homes, mini spaces, and flexible indoor/outdoor living areas.

A well-known industry player and advocate, she works to create content and share valuable insights on Accessory Dwelling Units, ADU Buildings/Builders, Lifestyle, and all things related to ADUs.

Erica is passionate about the ADU movement, promoting topics ranging from trends in ADUs and the latest government regulations to financing and products. Her efforts have been at the forefront of spreading news and information to ADU enthusiasts and homeowners about the potential for accessory structures within their homes or on their property.

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