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NKBA Summit: Bath Trends

Virtual Conference

Thurs., Nov. 16 | 1:00 – 3:00 PM ET

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Bath Design, Trends, Insights and More

Discover the emerging and future trends for bath as revealed exclusively in NKBA’s Bath Trends Summit on Thursday, November 16 from 1 PM to 3 PM ET. Open to all – members and non-members – the Summit will introduce new design, products, materials and other highlights from NKBA’s 2024 Bath Trends report, available to download free* for all attendees post-event. The Summit will also feature insightful presentations as well as designer panels and interviews.

Hosted by Christopher Grubb, President/Founder of Arch-Interiors Design Group, Beverly Hills, CA.

*Non-members who don’t attend the Summit will pay $2995. NKBA members have access to all NKBA reports for free. 

“Baths will support healthy living and wellness journeys with features for mental relaxation and physical rehabilitation.”

— NKBA 2024 Bath Trends Report

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Bath Trends ReportSession 1featuring
Kim Sturman, Market Research Manager, NKBA
Highlights of NKBA’s 2024 Bath Trends Report, focusing on emerging shifts from space design and products to materials and color.
The Future of Bath DesignSession 2featuring
Mimi Fong, Principal, Luminosus Designs LLC
Pamela McNally, SVP Marketing + Digital, NKBA
A discussion on the future of bath design and what will be the next “big” thing from a design, client and product perspective.
The Bath RevolutionSession 3featuring
Elizabeth Lord-Levitt, CMKBD, Principal, Elizabeth P. Lord Residential Design
Ashlee Sherzad, Chief Design Officer, Nar Design Group
Megan Siason, CKBD, Owner + Designer, M Studio Interior Design
Tricia Zach, Head of Research, NKBA
Gone are the days when the bath was a hidden space, tucked away and all about practical needs. Today, the bath has become one of the most important rooms in the home, rivaling the kitchen for complexity, growth and personal fulfillment. Here we talk to three bath designers on the cutting edge of this rapid transformation.
One on One: What the High-End Client WantsSession 4featuring
Christopher Grubb, Founder & President, Arch-Interiors Design Group
Pamela McNally, SVP Marketing + Digital, NKBA
A talk with host and well-known designer Christopher Grubb about what are the biggest shifts in design/functionality he’s seeing with his clients for the primary bath.
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<strong>Christopher Grubb</strong>

Christopher Grubb

Founder & President
Arch-Interiors Design Group

<strong>Mimi Fong</strong>

Mimi Fong

Luminosus Designs LLC

<strong>Elizabeth P. Lord, CMKBD</strong>

Elizabeth P. Lord, CMKBD

Elizabeth P. Lord Residential Design

<strong>Ashlee Scherzad</strong>

Ashlee Scherzad

Chief Design Officer
Nar Design Group

<strong>Megan Siason, CKBD</strong>

Megan Siason, CKBD

Owner + Interior Designer
M Studio Interior Design

<strong>Pamela McNally</strong>

Pamela McNally

SVP, Marketing & Digital

<strong>Kim Sturman</strong>

Kim Sturman

Market Research Manager

<strong>Tricia Zach</strong>

Tricia Zach

Head of Research