December 2023 Chapter Officer Update – NKBA

December 2023 Chapter Officer Update

December 2023
Chapter Officer Update

“Here’s to a successful year-end with your businesses and a wonderful holiday season with your families and friends. We look forward to connecting with you throughout December, into the New Year, and seeing you at Leader2Leader at KBIS in Las Vegas!…”

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Important Dates

December 11 – Last day for Chapter Officer travel reservations: Travel Leaders

December 25-29 -NKBA Headquarters closed for holiday break

January 9 – Chapter Presidents Monthly Zoom meeting 

February 5-9 – NKBA Chapter Officer Virtual Training


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Chapter Leadership Committee (CLC)

NKBA’s Chapter Leadership Committee (CLC) includes five former or current Chapter Officers who are the vital link between our 70 Chapters and the national NKBA Board of Directors and full-time staff. Thank you to our outstanding CLC for your hard work and dedication to NKBA Chapters! To view the CLC webpage, please click here.

Last month, the CLC held their annual meeting in Bethlehem, PA at NKBA headquarters. Thank you again to CLC members Nichole Cooper (Southern California), Ellen Lopez, CMKBD (Metro New York), Sandee Mann (British Columbia), Julie Schuster (Manhattan), and Nancy Young, CKBD (Alabama).

Last Call for KBIS Registration and Travel

All 2024 Chapter Officers received a confirmation email on Oct. 30. The final deadline is Dec 11, 2023 for flight arrangements. Contact Travel Leaders to book flights. Please reach out to if you have any questions. We want to see you in Las Vegas on Feb 25, 2024!

Important Contact Information

NKBA’s Chapters Team is here for you – reach out to any one of us.

Kelly Buchsbaum, Sr. Manager, Chapter Relations | 201-972-0182

Courtney Keeler, Chapter Relations Specialist | 610-988-6032

Kristin Shechter, Chapter Engagement Manager | 610-988-6035

NKBA’s Member Relations Team is always available to assist our Members and Chapters.

Gerri Klein, Sr Manager, Member Relations at 610-871-8181 x104 or email with any questions.

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CEO Talks

Join NKBA’s Bill Darcy for two CEO Talks in December. 

December 7 @ 2 PM EST: CEO Talks with John Barkhouse

Join NKBA’s Bill Darcy for CEO Talks as he sits down with John Barkhouse, CEO of Cabinetworks Group, talks about how the cabinet industry is changing, what his company is doing to streamline kitchen design and what he sees as his biggest challenge now…and in the future. Register here.

December 21 @ 2 PM EST: CEO Talks with Steve Hill

Join NKBA’s Bill Darcy for CEO Talks as he sits down with Steve Hill, President and CEO of Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA), discusses the future of Las Vegas as it continues to make high-profile moves like the multi-year renovation of the Las Vegas Convention Center, the recent Formula 1 takeover of the city, and the debut of the immersive entertainment Sphere. Register here.

NKBA Live Schedule for November

Don’t miss this month’s NKBA Webinars on Kitchen + Bath Business Trends and Growth. We have an exciting lineup of informative, inspiring NKBA webinars, sponsored by Verisk. Mark your calendars and register for each one – and earn CEUs. 

  • December 4 @ 12 pm ET: What Homeowners Want: Improving Customer Satisfaction for Greater Profits, Productivity. Presented by Liza Hausman, VP of Industry Marketing, Houzz. CEUs: .5 NKBA Webinar Dec 4
  • December 5 @ 12 pm ET: Generational Marketing. Presented by Sara Gutterman, CEO, Green Builder Media. CEUs: .1 NKBA Webinar Dec 5
  • December 6 @ 12 pm ET: Transitional Design Style. Presented by Paula Kennedy, CMKBD, Founder & Designer, Timeless Kitchen Design. CEUs: .1 NKBA Webinar Dec 6
  • December 11 @ 12 pm ET: Avoiding Analysis Paralysis: Google Analytics 4. Presented by Brian Javeline, President, MyOnlineToolbox. CEUs: .1 NKBA Webinar Dec 11
  • December 12 @ 12 pm ET: International Kitchen Trends. Presented by Daniel Tripp, AKBD, Director, Kitchen and Bath Business Group. CEUs: .1 NKBA Webinar Dec 12
  • December 13 @ 12 pm ET: The Evolution and Adaptation of the Kitchen. Presented by Ashley Keating, Designer and Showroom Manager, Poggenpohl Studio, Dallas, Texas. CEUs: .1 NKBA Webinar Dec 13
  • December 18 @ 12 pm ET: Developing a Marketing Game Plan for 2024. Presented by Jason Lockhart, CEO, Kitchen & Bath Marketing Solutions. CEUs: .1 NKBA Webinar Dec 18
  • December 20 @ 12 pm ET: The Scalable Kitchen and Bath Professional: Successfully and Profitably Navigating Business Growth. Presented by Fred Reikowsky, Principal, Legacy Business Leaders. CEUs: .1 NKBA Webinar Dec 20

NKBA Design + Business Webinars in December are generously sponsored by Verisk. Please go here to learn more about our sponsor.

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CEU Credits

Gain CEU credits in December as we explore Kitchen + Bath Business Trends and Growth. See details and dates above or click here. As a reminder, you must attend 80% of the webinar session to earn 0.1 CEU per webinar.

New Topics

Are you interested in presenting a topic during the 2024 Design + Business Webinar Series? Submit your idea for consideration today by clicking here. Please email with any questions.

Certification Program

Current CKBD and CMKBD candidates who complete and earn their new Certification by Dec. 31, 2023 will be mentioned in a feature article and highlighted at KBIS 2024.

NKBA Specialty Badges

Congratulations to our newest NKBA Specialty Badge Earners!

Lindsay Marean, Nicholson Builders, Floor Plans, Central Ohio

Samantha Belfield, Color, Wisconsin/Upper Michigan

Jennifer Ramirez, Empava Appliances, Sales & Marketing, Southern California

Pedro Caba, Kitchen Solvers of Alpharetta, Cabinetry Floor Plans, Georgia

Elana Zussman, Normandy Design Build Remodeling, Cabinetry, Chicago Midwest

Bitsy Littlefield, MLS Construction LLC, Universal, Tennessee

Kristin  Andrews, Cabinetry, Floor Plans, Mid Atlantic

Dana Silver, DESA Design Studio, Cabinetry, Chicago Midwest

Kris Eising, Cambria, Sustainability, Minnesota State

Brooke Painter, Euromax Authentic European Furniture, Cabinetry, Mountain States

Jeffrey Waggoner, Custom Cabinetry Direct LLC, Cabinetry, Southwest Florida

Tammi Graf, Hurst Design-Build-Remodeling, Floor Plans, Ohio State

Kerry Fedigan Aumiller, Agentis Kitchen & Bath, Cabinetry, Mid Atlantic

Jennifer Hutton, Grau Building Company, Floor Plans, Eastern Carolina

Jenni Jacobs, McGuire + Co. Kitchen & Bath, Cabinetry, Northern New England

Jennifer Hutton, Grau Building Company, Color, Eastern Carolina

Cait Goldsberry, Remodeling, Rocky Mountain

Scott Lewis, Total Quality Construction, Remodeling, Michigan State

Jenna Thomas, JLS Remodeling Services, Floor Plans, Remodeling, Southwest Florida

Kande Blair Iken, Designed Interiors LLC, Floor Plans, Remodeling, Rocky Mountain

Sahel Jalali, Canadian Home Style Renovation Inc, Lighting, Floor Plans, British Columbia

Alex Reyes, AC Remodeling Inc, Remodeling, Baltimore/Washington

Stephanie Samuel, S. Michele Design Studio, Remodeling, Central New York

Sabrina Alonzo-Johnson, Nicholson Builders, Lighting, Central Ohio

Alejandra Enriquez, Kasadomo Interiors, Remodeling, South Florida

Melissa Dreyer, Lindross Remodeling, Floor Plans, Central Florida

Aaron Eakins, Lowe’s, Sales, Missouri/Southern Illinois

Alyssa Treadway, Lowe’s, Sales, Missouri/Southern Illinois

Amy Stegman, Lowe’s, Universal, Nebraska/Kansas

Anna Forrester, Lowe’s, Sales, Cabinetry, Carolina

Anthony Dunn, Lowe’s, Sales, Cabinetry, Carolina

Antoinette Nunez, F & J Builders LLC, Remodeling, Cabinetry, Mid Atlantic

April Greve, Lowe’s, Sales, Nebraska/Kansas

Benay Stringer, Lowe’s, Sales, Cabinetry, Texas Gulf Coast

Bethany Scruggs, Lowe’s, Sales, Oklahoma

Brandon Cunningham, Lowe’s, Sales, Northern New England

Brian Rote, Lowe’s, Sales, Carolina

Carol Lee, Lowe’s, Sales, Carolina

Christina Miller, Lowe’s, Sales, Carolina

Corrin Waller, Lowe’s, Sales, Southwest Desert

Cynthia Lokey, Lowe’s, Sales, Texas North Plains

Cynthia Semple, Lowe’s, Sales, Carolina

Dale Spiewak, Lowe’s, Sales, Chicago Midwest

Dana Dutra, Lowe’s, Remodeling, Cabinetry, Northern New England

Danielle Fagundes, Lowe’s, Sales, Olympic-West Sound

Deanna Gibbs, Lowe’s, Sales, Carolina

Dejuan Sanders, Lowe’s, Sales, Carolina

Denise Rector, Lowe’s, Sales, Southern Ohio/Kentucky

Ebunoluwa Awowale, Lowe’s, Remodeling, Carolina

Hannah Burdeshaw, Lowe’s, Sales, Alabama

Heather Clark, Lowe’s, Sales, Cabinetry, Carolina

Hope Nicholson, Lowe’s, Sales, Arizona

Jari Lea White, Lowe’s, Sales, Carolina

Jeffrey Duncan, Lowe’s, Sales, Central Florida

Jeffrey Shafier, Lowe’s, Sales, Cabinetry, Chicago Midwest

Jennifer Peck, Lowe’s Sales, Southern Ohio/Kentucky

Jeriel Welch, Lowe’s, Sales, Cabinetry, Carolina

John Minish, Lowe’s, Sales, Georgia

Julie Cobb, Lowe’s, Sales, Tennessee

Julie Nance, Lowe’s, Sales, Ohio Valley

Kaitlyn Pulkett, Lowe’s, Sales, Cabinetry, Carolina

Karyn Armstrong, Lowe’s Sales, Carolina

Katie Gray, Lowe’s, Sales, Carolina

Kelly Jacobson, Lowe’s, Sales, Carolina

Kenneth Herndon, Lowe’s, Sales, Missouri/Southern Illinois

Kenneth White, Lowe’s, Cabinetry, Virginia State

Kierra  Clark, Lowe’s, Remodeling, Baltimore/Washington

Kimberly Brown, Lowe’s, Remodeling, Cabinetry, Texas North Plains

Latifah Baker, Lowe’s, Sales, Susquehanna Valley

Linda Johnson, Lowe’s, Sales, Cabinetry, Central Florida

Mary Schuldt, Lowe’s, Sales, Arizona

Megan Peisert, Lowe’s, Sales, Cabinetry, Carolina

Melissa Lisiecki, Lowe’s, Sales, Columbia River

Michael  Violette, Lowe’s, Sales, New York Tri State

Mitchell Wesley, Lowes,  Sales, Cabinetry, Susquehanna Valley

Nealia Ludwig, Lowe’s, Sales, Cabinetry, Carolina

Nicole Dane, Lowe’s, Sales, Virginia State

Nicole Wilhite, Lowe’s, Sales,Nebraska/Kansas

Norma Bean,Lowe’s, Sales, Cabinetry, Eastern Carolina’s

Patty Bittle, Lowe’s, Sales, Cabinetry, Carolina

Richard Cochran, Lowe’s, Sales, Central Ohio

Romanca Mohan, Lowe’s, Sales, Carolina

Sandra Engel, Lowe’s, Sales, Cabinetry, Central Florida

Sandy  Manthorpe, Lowe’s, Sales, Cabinetry, Carolina

Stephanie Gorman, Lowe’s, Sales, Cabinetry, North Florida

Steven Daniels, Lowe’s, Sales, Carolina

Steven Garcia,  Lowe’s, Sales, Carolina

Tara Diffenbaugh, Lowe’s, Cabinetry, Baltimore/Washington

Taylor Roberts, Lowe’s, Sales, Cabinetry, Carolina

Teig Colgrove, Lowe’s, Sales, Ohio State

Tia Coyer, Lowe’s, Sales, Cabinetry, New York Tri State

James  Angell, Lowe’s, Cabinetry, Carolina

Dawn Nevin, Lowe’s, Sales, Central Florida

James  Safriet, Lowe’s, Cabinetry, Carolina

Michael Hamel, Lowe’s, Cabinetry, Northern New England

Genette Tate, Lowe’s, Remodeling, LA/MS/AR

Daniel Evans, Lowe’s, Cabinetry, Missouri/Southern Illinois

Sarah Daley, Lowe’s, Cabinetry, Georgia

Susan Cable, Lowe’s, Cabinetry, Ohio State

Kattie McPhail, Lowe’s, Cabinetry, Virginia State

Steven Shelton, Lowe’s, Cabinetry, Carolina

Christopher Kepes, Lowe’s, Sales, Cabinetry, Georgia

Drea Van Grinsven, Lowe’s, Sales, Cabinetry, LA/MS/AR

Lisa Bresnahan, Lowe’s, Sales, Carolina

Marcy Andrews, Lowe’s, Sales, Oklahoma

Steven Mason, Lowe’s, Sales, Central Florida

Rebecca Lambert, Lowe’s, Cabinetry, GA/SC Coastal

Heather Weir, Lowe’s, Sales,Mid Atlantic

George Robertson, Lowe’s, Cabinetry, Baltimore/Washington

David Pratt, Lowe’s, Sales Carolina

Dawn Spell, Lowe’s, Remodeling, Missouri/Southern Illinois

Deborah Kemberling, Lowe’s, Lighting, Central New York

Nicole Prentiss, Lowe’s, Color, Maine

Diksha Rathi, Lowe’s, Sales, Northern New Jersey

Chanda Carmack, Lowe’s, Sales, Carolina

Ronald Garcia, Lowe’s, Sales, Texas Gulf Coast

Julia Nwanegwo, Lowe’s, Sales, Piedmont Blue Ridge Carolina

Mark Buck, Lowe’s, Remodeling, Columbia River

Tammy Miner, Lowe’s, Cabinetry, Carolina

Maeghan Wallace, Lowe’s, Sales, Central New York

William Gibson, Lowe’s, Sales, Carolina

Malini Singh, Lowe’s, Sales, Central Florida

Sharon Mahana, Lowe’s, Cabinetry, Mid Atlantic

Sabrina Lewis, Home Depot #6975, Universal, Southwest Florida

Brian Holder, Lowe’s, Cabinetry, Eastern Carolina’s

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NKBA Student Webinar

Crafting Your Digital Identity: Leveraging Social Media for Career Growth

Students are invited to join NKBA on Thursday, January 4, 2024 at 2 PM EST for an exciting webinar planned exclusively for them. 
During this live, virtual event, we’ll explore how students can utilize social media platforms like LinkedIn, TikTok, and Instagram to help grow their careers. Students will hear industry-specific advice from educators, social media experts, and kitchen and bath industry employers to help enhance their professional online presence. Students must be NKBA members to access this content. A registration link will be emailed to all students in December 2023.

Student & Educator Coffee Break at KBIS

Reflections and Perspectives from the NKBA’s Thirty Under 30

On Tues, Feb 27 at KBIS, students and educators will be invited to attend a coffee break and panel discussion program at 2:30 PM in the Las Vegas Convention Center. 

Featured members of the NKBA’s Thirty Under 30 will reflect on their college careers and discuss the assignments, activities, and opportunities that impacted them the most. There will be plenty of opportunities for Q&A at this in-person event. An invitation will be emailed to registered student and educator KBIS attendees.

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New Membership

New Members are vital to the success of the NKBA and our Chapters. Please send prospective member inquiries to and our team will send detailed information on member benefits, membership cost, certification, badges and more.

Click NKBA Membership Signup. Please share this link, or if anyone needs a hard copy of the application, please email

Chapter Websites

NKBA’s Member Relations team is here to assist you with updating your Chapter website. If you need assistance adding or modifying an event, image, sponsor logo, etc, please email or call us at 800-843-6522.

Job Portal

Member Companies are invited to post job openings on job portal! This benefit is available to all active members and is included with your membership. Reach out to us for details at

Contact Us

NKBA’s Member Relations team is always available to assist our Members and Chapters. Contact Gerri Klein, Sr Manager, Member Relations at 610-871-8181 x104 or email with any questions. 

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