April 2024 Chapter Officer Update – NKBA

April 2024 Chapter Officer Update

April 2024
Chapter Officer Update

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“It was wonderful to see you all at KBIS during our first-ever NKBA Chapter Officer Leader2Leader and throughout the show in Vegas…”

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Important Dates

April 2 2024 Sustainability in K+B Design Report Released

April 2-11 – Kitchen and Bath Market Index (KBMI) Survey Data Collection Dates

April 9 – 4 PM ET – Chapter Presidents Zoom Meeting 

April 16-21 – Salone de Mobile and EuroCucina

April 23 – 3 PM ET – Chapter Programs Chairs Zoom Meeting

April 23 – 4 PM ET – Chapter Communications Chairs Zoom Meeting

April 24 – 3 PM ET – Chapter Membership Chairs Zoom Meeting

April 24 – 4 PM – Chapter Secretary/Treasurers Zoom Meeting

April 30Q1 2024 KBMI Report Released


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NKBA Bylaws and Policy Manual

All NKBA Chapter Officers should be familiar with NKBA’s Bylaws, Policy Manual, Site Terms of Use, and Member Standards. Please click here to review this information found on our website.

Important Contact Information

NKBA’s Chapters Team is here for you – reach out to us via email or call 610-988-6035.

Kelly Buchsbaum, Sr. Manager, Chapter Relations


Kristin Shechter, Chapter Engagement Manager


General info, meeting notices: chapters@nkba.org

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Sustainability in K+B Design

The 2024 NKBA | KBIS Sustainability in Kitchen + Bath Design report, released on April 2,  reveals insights from industry experts on the demand for sustainable design. Despite slower adoption in residential construction, significant growth potential exists. Challenges found include lack of education (51% consider sustainability very important, but only 45% feel very familiar), homeowner buy-in (64%), affordability (54%), and perceived lack of attractive options (44%). Widespread adoption depends on industry education, practical product offerings, and designers promoting environmental stewardship. 

Download the full report here.

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NKBA Webinars

NKBA presents six Design + Business Webinars this month. Here’s the month at-a-glance for April, with details and registration links. Webinars begin at 12 pm ET with .1 CEU per webinar.

April 2 | NKBA | KBIS Webinar Decarbonization: The Sustainable Home Kitchen

April 9 | NKBA | KBIS Webinar Sales Mistakes To Avoid: How NOT To Lose Clients

April 10 | NKBA | KBIS Webinar Designing a More Sustainable Kitchen

April 16 | NKBA | KBIS Webinar Diving Deep Into Sustainability

April 23 | NKBA | KBIS Webinar Water Conservation: Initiatives and Standards

April 30 | NKBA | KBIS Webinar The Essential Guide to Sustainable Kitchen Design

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NKBA Events

Mark your calendars for three huge industry events this month:

April 13 – 17 | High Point Spring Market
The largest home furnishings trade show in the world

April 16 – 21 | Salone del Mobile Milano
The latest in furniture and design from across the world

April 22 – 25 | Coverings 2024
The largest ceramic tile and natural stone trade fair in North America 

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NKBA Hosts National Volunteer Committee Meetings

NKBA hosts National Volunteer Committees Meetings  

April is a busy month for NKBA National Volunteers! Two out of four National Committees will meet this month for important meetings. The Chapter Leadership Committee (CLC) will meet virtually April 15 to recap KBIS 2024 highlights; review 2024 Chapter Initiative Grants; and discuss CLC outreach to Chapter Presidents. This will be followed by a KBIS Exhibitor Committee (KEC) meeting at the NKBA HQ in Bethlehem, PA, where the six national KEC volunteers will meet with NKBA staff and our partners at Emerald for a KBIS 2024 recap and open discussion on how to continue exceeding expectations for KBIS 2025 and beyond. NKBA is extremely grateful for our national volunteers who dedicate their time and energy to assist our Association and industry with their passion! To view a list of current national volunteers, visit here. Interested in applying for a national volunteer position? Be on the lookout for applications opening September 1st. 

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NKBA Student Webinar This Week

Educator Webinar: Laying the Foundation for Success: A Panel Discussion with Members of NKBA’s Thirty Under 30.

April 18 – 12 PM ET

Originally featured at KBIS 2024, current and recent members of the NKBA Thirty Under 30 will share the biggest takeaways from their educational careers. The panelists will reflect on the assignments, activities, and opportunities that laid the foundation for their success as designers. There will be time for Q&A at the end of the live webinar. 
Educators should watch their email for a link to sign up or contact Kelly Ann Ryan at kryan@nkba.org.

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Professional Development

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CEU Credits

Gain CEU credits in April through NKBA’s Design + Business Webinars. Here’s the lineup for the month.


NKBA’s Voices from the Industry (VFTI) conference is now available as on-demand sessions. Each hour of video content is worth .1 CEUs. Click here: VFTI 2024 – On Demand

VFTI 2025: Programming Submissions

Submit a proposal to speak at KBIS 2025 as a VFTI presenter. VFTI presenters share industry expertise with colleagues attending KBIS and Design & Construction Week. Visit https://kb.nkba.org/vfti/ after April 10 to learn about the benefits of serving as a VFTI speaker and the official submission form.


Congratulations to our newest NKBA Specialty Badge earners!

Cynthia Semple, Lowe’s, Universal, Carolina

Chanda Carmack, Lowe’s, Universal, Carolina

Patty Bittle, Lowe’s, Universal, Carolina

John Minish, Lowe’s, Universal, Georgia

Marcy Andrews, Lowe’s, Universal, Oklahoma

Karyn Armstrong, Lowe’s, Universal, Carolina

Hannah Burdeshaw, Lowe’s, Universal, Alabama

Hannah Burdeshaw, Lowe’s, Color, Alabama

Julie Nance, Lowe’s, Universal, Ohio Valley

Romanca Mohan, Lowe’s, Universal, Carolina

Romanca Mohan, Lowe’s, Color, Carolina

Taylor Roberts, Lowe’s, Universal, Carolina

Taylor Roberts, Lowe’s, Color, Carolina

Leesa Drost-Cays, Lowe’s, Color, Carolina

Amy Stegman, Lowe’s, Color, Carolina

Francesca Gueller, Lowe’s, Universal, Palouse

Katie Gray, Lowe’s, Universal, Carolina

Katie Gray, Lowe’s, Remodeling, Carolina

Heather Weir, Lowe’s, Universal, Mid Atlantic

Heather Clark, Lowe’s, Universal, Carolina

Nicole Dane, Lowe’s, Universal, Virginia State

Steven Mason, Lowe’s, Universal, Central Florida

Denise Rector, Lowe’s, Universal, Southern Ohio/Kentucky

Kaitlyn Pulkett, Lowe’s, Universal, Carolina

Cynthia Lokey, Lowe’s, Universal, Carolina

Meaghan Wallace, Lowe’s, Universal, Carolina

Julie Cobb, Lowe’s, Universal, Carolina

Julia Nwanegwo, Lowe’s, Universal, Carolina

Latifah Baker, Lowe’s, Universal, Carolina

Mark Buck, Lowe’s, Universal, Carolina

Kathryn Cameron, Lowe’s, Cabinetry, Carolina

Carol Lee, Lowe’s, Remodeling, Carolina

Jari Lea White, Lowe’s, Universal, Carolina

Loren Singh, Lowe’s, Universal, Carolina

Loren Singh, Lowe’s, Color, Carolina

Jessica Kittel, Lowe’s, Color, Carolina

Kenneth Nett, Northlands Interiors, LLC, Cabinetry, Northern New England

Linda Johnson, Lowe’s, Universal, Central Florida

Kiera Clark, Lowe’s, Universal, Baltimore/Washington

Dale Spiewak. Lowe’s, Universal, Chicago Mid West

Dale Spiewak. Lowe’s, Remodeling, Chicago Mid West

Meridyth Walston, Nicholson Builders, Cabinetry, Central Ohio

Joshua Algarin, Lowe’s, Universal, Central Florida

Asia Guest, Lowe’s, Universal, Carolina

Sarah Hankins, Lowe’s, Universal, Carolina

Jessica Kittel, Lowe’s, Universal, Oklahoma

Jessica Kittel, Lowe’s, Remodeling, Oklahoma

Leesa Drost, Lowe’s, Universal, Tennessee

Melissa King, Lowe’s, Universal, Carolina

Sarah Daley, Lowe’s, Universal, Georgia

Stephanie Gorman, Lowe’s, Universal, North Florida

Steven Daniels, Lowe’s, Remodeling, Carolina

Jack Wells, Normandy Design Build Remodeling, Chicago Mid West

Michael Violette, Lowe’s, Universal, New York Tri-State

Michael Violette, Lowe’s, Color, New York Tri-State

Brian Holder, Lowe’s, Universal, Eastern Carolina

Tammy Miner, Lowe’s, Sales and Marketing, Carolina

Tammy Miner, Lowe’s, Remodeling, Carolina

Tammy Miner, Lowe’s, Color, Carolina

Jeriel Welch, Lowe’s, Universal, Georgia

Ebunoluwa Awowale, Lowe’s, Universal, Carolina

Ebunoluwa Awowale, Lowe’s, Sales and Marketing, Carolina

Nealia Ludwig, Lowe’s, Universal, Carolina

Kimberly Brown, Lowe’s, Universal, Texas North Plains

Kimberly Brown, Lowe’s, Color, Texas North Plains

Mitchell Wesley, Lowe’s, Universal, Susquehanna Valley

Ronald Pang, Lowe’s, Universal, Carolina

Deana Gibbs, Lowe’s, Universal, Carolina

Tia Coyer, Lowe’s, Universal, New York Tri State

Tia Coyer, Lowe’s, Color, New York Tri State

Rebecca Ruggiero, Normandy Design Build Remodeling, Remodeling, Chicago Mid-West

Brooklyn Stein, Décor Cabinets, Color, Prairie Provinces

Lyle Woodward, Strongwood Construction, Cabinetry, Prairie Provinces

Mady Condie, Samsara Company, Universal, Pittsburgh Tri- State

Emily Duffner, Samsara Company, Universal, Pittsburgh Tri-State

Rebecca Lambert, Lowe’s, Sales and Marketing, GA/SC Coast

Rebecca Lambert, Lowe’s, Color, GA/SC Coast

Kande Blair Iken, Designed interiors, Color, Rocky Mountain

Dianne Marciano, Foster Remodeling, Universal, Baltimore/Washington

Kelly Bara, Supply New England, Cabinetry, Northern New England

Gabrielle Keuper, GJK Designs, Color, Baltimore/Washington

Stephen Puopolo, Supply New England, Remodeling, Northern New England

Jeff Shafier, Lowe’s, Sustainability, Chicago Mid-West

Elena Mancini, Supply New England, Cabinetry, Northern New England

Steven Garcia, Lowe’s, Remodeling, Carolina

Alicia Legner, Thomas Jefferson University, Cabinetry, Chicago Mid-West

Kristina Roach, Integrity Consulting Construction, Cabinetry, Central Coast and Valleys

Kristina Roach, Integrity Consulting Construction, Remodeling, Central Coast and Valleys

Melissa Sharp, Kitchen & Bath Concepts, Cabinetry, Texas Gulf Coast

Brooke Ewing, Teak and Amber interiors, Cabinetry, Rocky Mountain

Drea Van Grinsven, Universal, LA/MS/AR

Aaron Eakins, Lowe’s, Universal, Missouri/Southern Illinois

Sharon Mahana, Lowe’s, Universal, Mid-Atlantic

Kalvin Jones, Carolina Dream Kitchen & Baths, Remodeling, Eastern Carolina

Stephanie Trannel, Red House Remodeling, Remodeling, Iowa

Jaclyn Jensen, Normandy Design Build Remodeling, Cabinetry, Chicago Mid-West

Melinda Kaehler, Gerhard’s Kitchen & Bath Store, Universal, Wisconsin/Upper Michigan

Mike Skamfer, Valequity, Sales & Marketing, Central Ohio

Carol Lee, Lowe’s, Universal, Carolina

Melinda Meadows, Wellborn Cabinets, Universal, Alabama

Kristopher Meyer, Home Depot, Sustainability, San Diego

Christy Bautista, The Home Improvements Group, Cabinetry, California Capitol

Monica Coronado, Home Depot, Sustainability, San Diego

Megan Piesert, Lowe’s, Remodeling, Rocky Mountain

Megan Piesert, Lowe’s, Color, Rocky Mountain

Alejandra Enriquez, Kasamodo Interiors, Remodeling, South Florida

Trish Barley, McLennan Construction, Remodeling Cabinetry, Susquehanna Valley

Stephanie Trannel, Red House Remodeling, Cabinetry, Iowa

Susan Waghorne, Home Depot, Floor Plans, Chicago Mid-West

Melissa Sharp, Kitchen & Bath Concepts, Universal, Texas Gulf Coast

Camie Anderson, ARDEN+SIENNA, Lighting, Puget Sound

Melissa Dreyer, Lindross Remodeling, Floor Plans, Central Florida

Mary White, Supply New England, Remodeling, Northern New England

Mackenzie Boerner, Kitchen Designs by Mackenzie, Sustainability, Susquehanna Valley

Jeannie Monroe, Jeannie Monroe Designs, Remodeling, Southern Ohio/Kentucky

Tara Diffenbaugh, Universal. Baltimore/Washington

Antionette Nunez, Remodeling, Mid Atlantic

Antionette Nunez, Cabinetry, Mid Atlantic

Clara Zaldivar Viveros, VL Builders, Remodeling, Rocky Mountain

Christy Carvella-Gillis, MK Remodeling, Cabinetry, Arizona

Kimberlee Sauerhoff, 314 Design Studio, Floor Plan, Baltimore/Washington

Ann Shoemaker, Cabinet Joint, Remodeling, Susquehanna Valley

Fanny Cartujano, Gwinett Technical College, Floor Plans, Georgia

Tina Millis, Home Depot, Cabinetry, Puget Sound

Lee Maxwell Willicks, LMW Designs, Floor Plans, Rocky Mountain

Amy Lockard, Clark Young Creations LLC, Remodeling, Georgia 

Monica Christal Geppert, Georgian College, Universal, Ottawa

Tasnim Said, Remodeling, San Diego

Debbie Pugh, Color, Central New York

David Allgyer, Envision Woodcrafters, Cabinetry, Susquehanna Valley

Lane Taylor, Kitchen Design Concepts, Cabinetry, Texas North Plains 

Andrew Shepherd, Lowe’s, Remodeling, Carolina

Brian Rote, Lowe’s, Remodeling, Carolina

Brian Rote, Lowe’s, Color, Carolina

Leesa Drost-Cays, Lowe’s, Lighting, Tennessee

Deborah Kemberling, Lowe’s, Sustainability, Central New York

Dale Spiewak, Lowe’s, Lighting, Chicago Mid-West

Melissa King, Lowe’s, Lighting, Carolina

Jessica Kittel, Lowe’s, Lighting, Oklahoma

Tara Diffenbaugh, Lowe’s, Lighting, Baltimore/Washington

Jennifer Peck, Lowe’s, Lighting, Southern Ohio/Kentucky

Zach Magnusson, Norsebuilt LTD, Ottawa, Cabinetry

Ellen Griffen, Griffen Interiors, Iowa, Universal

Amy Krause, Amy Krause Design LLC, Nebraska/Kansas, Cabinetry, Floor Plans

Kimberly Platt, JWH Design & Cabinetry, Northern New Jersey, Remodeling 

Jeannette Mitchell, Lorain Design Associates, California Capital, Cabinetry

Samantha Belfield, Wisconsin/Upper Michigan, Remodeling 

Jeanette Mitchell, Lorrain Design Associates, 

Alyssa Weardon, Monarch Lane Interiors, Tennessee, Universal

Ashlee Cravens, Brandon Cravens Construction, Remodeling, California Capitol

Terri Dombroski, tond interior design, Lighting, Central Florida

Karyn Armstrong, Lowe’s, Remodeling, Carolina

Karyn Armstrong, Lowe’s, Color, Carolina

Brian Holder, Remodeling, Carolina

Tyler Williams, Home Depot, Remodeling, Mountain States

Joseph Censullo, J & J Construction of Illinois, Color, Chicago Mid-West

Jessica Christian, Ecko Cabinetry, Cabinetry, Piedmont Blue Ridge Mountain

Jessica Christian, Ecko Cabinetry, Floor Plans, Piedmont Blue Ridge Mountain

Gina Compora, Nicholson Builders, Universal, Central Ohio

Mike Daniel, Ability Remodeling, Remodeling, Arizona

Sarah Pierce, Lane Homes & Remodeling Inc, Virginia State

Zanyar Izadpanah, Oneiric Design and Build ,Remodeling, Ontario/Canada

Hope Nicholson, Universal, Arizona

Anne Goyette, Elevate Interior Design LLC, Cabinetry, Northern New England

Teig Colgrove, Lowe’s, Remodeling, Ohio State

Teig Colgrove, Lowe’s, Color, Ohio State

Jessica Chriatian, Ecko Cabinetry, Color, Piedmont Blue Ridge Mountain

Megan Peisert, Universal, Rocky Mountain 

Terri Dombroski, tond interior design, Remodeling, Central Florida

Loren Singh, Lowe’s, Remodeling, Carolina

Debbie Pugh, Lowe’s, Cabinetry, Central New York

Kendrick Williams, American Woodmark, Universal, Baltimore/Washington

Laura Wallace, Tucson Cabinetry, Cabinetry, Arizona South

Nicholas Lutz, Cabinetry, Susquehanna Valley

Laurie Barrett, Cabinet Joint, Remodeling, Chicago Mid-West

Kenneth Nett, Northland Interiors, Sales and Marketing, Northern New Hampshire

Rebecca Robinson, Monarch Lane Interiors, Sustainability, Tennessee

Kenneth Nett, Northland Interiors LLC, Remodeling, Northern New England

Debbie Pugh, Lowe’s, Floor Plans, Central New York

Jade Boser, Beyond Kitchens, Sales and Marketing, Minnesota State

Denise Rector, Lowe’s, Remodeling, Southern Ohio/Kentucky

Virginia Ellis, Anderson-Moore Kitchen & Bath, Remodeling, Eastern Carolinas

Nicole Herger, Bentwood of Houston, Cabinetry, Texas Gulf Coast

Heather Van Etten, Neil Kelly Company, Cabinetry, Columbia River

Jessica Kittel, Lowe’s, Remodeling, Carolina

Bitsy Littlefield, MLS Construction, Color, Tennessee

Bitsy Littlefield, MLS Construction, Floor Plans & Specifications, Tennessee

Nealia Ludwig, Remodeling, Carolina

Nicole Wilhite, Remodeling, Carolina

Alexandra Rasper, The Dickson Design Group, Cabinetry, Ontario/Canada 

Corrine Waller, Lowe’s, Remodeling, Mountain States

Heather Clark, Lowe’s, Remodeling, Carolina

Sarah Daley, Lowe’s, Lighting, Georgia

Melissa King, Lowe’s, Remodeling, Carolina

Denise Rector, Lowe’s, Color, Southern Ohio/Kentucky

Brandon Cunningham, Lowe’s, Lighting, Carolina 

Jacob Kligman, the kitchen remodeling co, Floor Plans, South Florida

Julie Cobb, Lowe’s, Remodeling, Tennessee

Alyssa Treadway, Lowe’s, Remodeling, Missouri/Southern Illinois

Alyssa Treadway, Lowe’s, Color, Missouri/Southern Illinois

Michelle Baker, American Woodmark Corp, Universal, Baltimore/Washington 

Francesca Gueller, Lowe’s, Color, Palouse

Christina Miller, Lowe’s, Remodeling, Carolina

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New Membership

New Members are vital to the success of the NKBA and our Chapters. Please send prospective member inquiries to noelle@nkba.org and our team will send detailed information on member benefits, membership cost, certification, badges and more. 

Click NKBA Membership Signup. Please share this link, or if anyone needs a hard copy of the application, please email info@nkba.org.

Chapter Websites

NKBA’s Member Relations team is here to assist you with updating your Chapter website. If you need assistance adding or modifying an event, image, sponsor logo, etc, please email info@nkba.org or call us at 800-843-6522.

Job Portal

Member Companies are invited to post job openings on NKBA.org job portal! This benefit is available to all active members and is included with your membership. Reach out to us for details at info@nkba.org.

Contact Us

NKBA’s Member Relations team is always available to assist our Members and Chapters. Contact Gerri Klein, Sr Manager, Member Relations at 610-871-8181 x104 or email info@nkba.org. Along with Gerri, we have Kevin, Elizabeth, Andreia, and Aislinn who look forward to working with our Chapters!

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