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Jennifer Hutton’s Favorite Finds: High Point Market

The designer shares her top five product picks from the home furnishings show.

By Jennifer Hutton, Design Manager, Grau Building Company

NKBA asked designer Jennifer Hutton, Design Manager at Grau Building Company and NKBA Eastern Carolinas Chapter member, to share her Favorite Finds from High Point Market, the recent home furnishings show. 

“Many of the pieces I saw hinted at trends and styles to come in 2024 and will present themselves in the kitchen and bath industry, from materials to colors and textures,” said Hutton. “All of the bar stools, lighting and accessories I saw each have their own place in a well-planned kitchen or bath design, and I can’t wait to incorporate them.”

Hutton, who has worked as a K&B designer for ten years, has had her designs showcased in numerous television shows and magazines, and who was inducted into NKBA’s Thirty Under 30s, class of 2020.

She called out the following Favorite Finds from High Point Market:

Image courtesy of Eichholtz.
  1. Coffee Table Ancanthus from Eichholtz

“This piece is not only beautiful, but it also comes with a rich background,” said Hutton. “Using 3D scanning, the coffee table is a to-scale version of one of the columns found at The Met, in the latest collaboration with Eichholtz. A piece worthy of the finest drinks and appetizers you can whip up in your kitchen…or simply a good book!”

Image courtesy of Visual Comfort.
  1. Mina Accent Rechargeable Table Lamp from Visual Comfort

“A wonderful marriage of form and function, the Mina table lamp is cord-free and wet rated. It’s versatile enough to be used as artwork but provides function in the bright light it gives off from a surprisingly petite stature,” noted Hutton. “If this were mine, it would live in the bathroom, on the bedside table, perhaps inside my closet — the possibilities are endless!”

Image courtesy of lights & lamps.
  1. Edition 1.3 Concrete Table Lamp from lights & lamps

“Because I can be incredibly indecisive,” admitted Hutton, “this lamp is one of my favorite pieces. It offers a variety of mix-and-match options for any room. With interchangeable shades and bases, the Elle Decoration Editions series can grow and evolve with you and your space over time. Perfect for the sideboard or some kitchen ambiance lighting, the lamps are also sturdy, heavy and speak to a wide range of styles.”

Image courtesy of Jennifer Hutton.
  1. Contemporary Cut Crystal Glasses by

“A new exhibitor to the Shoppe Object showcase at Market, these glasses are all one-of-a-kind, handmade and come straight from Poland,” said Hutton. “Made from high quality crystal, the light passes through the glass easily and beautifully, making each sip a sensory experience.”

Image courtesy of Jennifer Hutton.
  1. Vendor Chair by Hooker Furniture

“I really appreciate the artistic innovation and sustainability behind this piece,” noted Hutton. “Made from scraps of silk that would otherwise go to waste, this memory foam base chair is surprisingly comfortable. I can see it fitting perfectly in a bold wet bar design.”