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Inoxa: Putting Everything in Its Right Place


The Italian brand produces storage solutions worldwide and is now setting its sights on the North American market.

The manufacturer Inoxa is well-known globally for their exquisitely made storage solutions, from extractable baskets to sliding units to undertop profiles — and so much more. Their design philosophy centers around what they call “useful beauty,” a marriage between technology, functionality and aesthetics. They offer a variety of products for any design preference and at any budget, which are easy to use and long-lasting. 

Its current president, Silvano Trombettoni, started his career as a young salesman for a multinational appliance manufacturer in Italy. Thanks to his passion, business savvy, and the large customer base he garnered throughout his formative years, Trombettoni founded Inoxa in 1998 to answer the demand for new solutions to store kitchen tools and dishes.

Core Values: Quality, Customers and Sustainability

Inoxa predominantly uses ‘Made in Europe’ raw materials that are certified as high-quality products, acquired from only the most reliable and recognized suppliers. Quality is such an important part of Inoxa’s identity that in 2020 the company obtained the ISO9001 quality management system certification, proof that its product lines are responding to certain specifications and are produced according to traceable processes.

To Inoxa, quality extends well beyond the product to strong customer relationships – and the proof is in the pudding, as they say. Propelled by its goal of transforming projects into relationships of trust, collaboration and willingness, Inoxa’s business has grown to now export products to more than 60 countries worldwide. The company even recently expanded its facilities to include a brand new painting division and a galvanic plant to have greater control over product quality and to meet the increasing demand of the market.

Inoxa also considers sustainability a top priority working to positively contribute to the protection of the environment and their customers’ health through their production practices. For this reason, they rely on the best ISO14000-certified suppliers,  a framework for environmentally-conscious quality management systems for organizations large and small.

The company employs the use of highly productive, zero-pollution technology, such as a chrome plating system that coats chromium over its products at the metal state, preventing pollutants and guaranteeing the safety of the environment.

Next Stop, North America!

Inoxa’s ultimate goal is to establish a permanent presence in what they believe to be the most important market in the world: North America. The company considers public awareness to be its biggest challenge, and is working to make its brand and the advantages of its products known. Inoxa’s product development team pays great attention to the adaptability needed to thrive in the North American market, keeping an open mind toward the realization of products in materials and finishes most appreciated there. 

In February, the company debuted at KBIS 2023 to much fanfare, with Inoxa presenting several new collections, from wardrobes and baths to new waste bins specifically designed for recycling. Inoxa also showcased some products from its top-selling collections, which had finishes created specifically for the American market. KBIS was just the beginning; having made invaluable connections at the show, the ambitious company is actively recruiting distributors and furniture manufacturers interested in importing goods. “We are looking for small, medium and big companies who will make a reliable partner, able to offer a quality product and have excellent support, from the design to the after-sale service,” said Inoxa’s sales manager Giovanni Vianelli.

By offering loyalty, seriousness, and respect for terms of agreement, Inoxa’s has built solid and long-lasting business relationships with distributors and furniture manufacturers internationally. “Inoxa may be still unknown in the U.S.,” Vianelli said, “but we firmly believe that if we play our cards right, it could become a powerhouse brand, thanks to its range of products.”