European Bathroom Roca Group Arrives in the US – NKBA


European Bathroom Roca Group Arrives in the US


By Seth Ellison 

Roca, founded in 1917, in Gava, near Barcelona, brings over 100 years of design and manufacturing experience of luxury bath products for the US market. Throughout the 1930s, the company evolved from a small manufacturer of cast iron radiators for domestic heating into a producer of vitreous china bathroom fixtures. Roca took its first step into international markets and achieved worldwide recognition in 2006 thanks to its collaboration with various international market and acquisition companies. It has since become a leading bathroom brand, distributing products in more than 170 markets, supplied by its 76 production plants, with more than 21,000 employees worldwide.

Quality Manufacturing, Innovative Sustainability  

Considered a high-end brand, known for its European design and cutting-edge porcelain manufacturing process, Roca guarantees the highest level of resistance, durability and sanitation from each of its products. Its global production model guarantees consistent, high-quality products worldwide.

Making sustainability and the health of the planet a top priority,  Roca says it integrates the latest technologies into its manufacturing processes, such as reutilizing all residue generated in the process and reducing its CO2 emissions. The company has also developed products that help decrease water and energy usage, such as the W+W toilet that reuses water from the sink for flushing, new dual flushing mechanisms for water saving and exclusive technologies like the Cold Start for faucets. 

Believing that water is a universal right, Roca started the nonprofit organization We Are Water Foundation in 2012. Collaborating with NGOs and UN agencies, the foundation develops aid programs in those areas most affected by the lack of water and sanitation. So far, it has developed 82 projects in 30 countries, helping more than 3.5 million people.

North America: Work Left to Do

With the acquisition of the Swiss group Keramik Holding Laufen, the world’s fourth-largest manufacturer of vitreous china sanitary ware, Roca consolidated its presence in strategic markets where it was less established, mainly in Eastern Europe, Brazil and the United States.

“The North American K&B market is constantly growing and offers multiple opportunities to new brands,” said Roca’s marketing manager Raquel Puerto. “For a global brand like Roca, it is crucial to be part of such an important market to continue growing worldwide.” 

Many foreign brands have reported that North America presents a different set of challenges compared to other international markets, including its size and distribution logistics, and the initial problem of low brand awareness.

“When thinking about the North American market,” Puerto said, “our product development team’s main goal is to bring something different and fresh through Roca’s European design, combined with the most innovative technologies while adapting to the diversity and distinctive characteristics of the North American customers.”