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Future Kitchen to be Minimalistic

Design will be free of clutter and easy to maintain as reported in NKBA’s 2024 Kitchen Trends Report.
Designer: Lori Kurnitsky, NCIDQ, of Bluebell Kitchens, Co-designer: Michele Plachter | Photo: Christian Garibaldi

Kitchens with minimalistic designs that are free of clutter and easy to maintain will be popular in the next two to three years, according to NKBA’s recently released 2024 Kitchen Trends report. This emerging shift will have an impact on the kitchen space in various ways, including cabinets, countertops, flooring and more.

Here’s what these changes will look like:

  1. Streamlined kitchen designs will include Contemporary, Modern, Mid-Century and Scandinavian designs. Elements that will blend seamlessly or invisibly into the rest of the kitchen will include refrigeration appliances, flooring, sinks and lighting. For example, many refrigerators will be fully integrated, and those with doors paneled to match the cabinet face will also be common.
  1. Cabinet choices will effortlessly fit into kitchen spaces. Modern, European flat panel designs that are free of hardware with push-to-open technology will be the most in demand. Hidden electrical outlets and kitchen appliances, as well as charging station solutions within cabinets, will also add to minimalistic designs.
  1. Uncomplicated cooking…and cleaning. Easy-to-clean countertops using heat-tolerant and stain-resistant materials like Quartz will be in demand. Additionally, induction cooktops integrated into these surfaces will become more common, providing a polished, coordinated look. Countertops will also be extended into the backsplash so they flow into the design — and can be cleaned effortlessly.
  1. Clutter is nowhere to be seen. Expect to see more solutions to keep clutter hidden or off countertops, like pantries with more space — including walk-in, butler and built-in pantries. Additional solutions will include hidden kitchens and small appliance areas, islands with storage, appliance drawers and charging areas, and floor-to-ceiling cabinetry, as well as cabinets with drawer dividers and partitions.
  1. Mop no more. The majority of respondents said their top goal is to keep upkeep simple and cleaning easy and effortless. This is especially true for floors, where homeowners want smaller or no grout lines. Over the next three years, designers believe flooring material favorites will likely include luxury vinyl as the most popular, followed by engineered wood, hardwood, and ceramic and porcelain tile.

To download the full 2024 Kitchen Trends report, go here.