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Benjamin Ouellette’s Favorite Finds: IDS 2024 

The designer shares his top picks from the recent Interior Design Show in Toronto.

Benjamin Ouellette, designer and president at BJOID Inc, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, attended Canada’s largest design show, Interior Design Show (IDS), in Toronto at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Celebrating its 25th Anniversary, the IDS show featured products and innovations from all around Canada and the world. Ouellette was able to sift through the exhibitors to find his Favorite Finds. 

As the Kitchen and Bath community gears up for KBIS 2024 from Feb. 27-29, Ouellette gives a glimpse into what’s ahead in products and innovation for the year.  Read on for his Five Favorite Finds. 

Luminaries Collection, Victoria + Albert

Image courtesy of House of Rohl.

Victoria + Albert’s newest ‘Luminaries’ collection is designed to elevate the bath to a new level of luxury through eye-catching tones that play with their environment.  Like a Ferrari, the ‘Luminaries’ collection uses a catalyzed paint so it’s extremely durable and immensely fashionable.  Shimmering colors like ‘Sparkling Champagne,’ ‘Shimmering Sand’ and ‘Stardust’ can be found on select V+A baths and vessel sinks, and are sure to add a little ‘pop’ and ‘fizz’ to your next bath project!

Venezia by Venini, Fantini

The Venezia Murano glass handles. Photo courtesy of Fantini.

With 75 years of putting design first, Venezia by Venini from Fantini celebrates hand-blown Murano glass in a two-tone design where no two faucets are the same.  The clean and vivacious design helps mirror the style of the clients who seek it.  Featuring bold and dramatic elements tailored into a clean and simple medium, this line of faucets achieves what design-lovers everywhere have been waiting for.

Smart Dimming Control Monaco Gold M78 Swarovski, Moorgen

M78 Swarovski in Monaco Gold. Image courtesy of Moorgen.

German engineering at its best – this new smart home system dial is as stylish as the rest of your home.  Besides being glamorous and luxurious, the technology allows you to slide, rotate and wave over the dial to operate numerous smart home functions such as window coverings, heat, music and security.  Everyone was talking about the new M78 Swarovski by Moorgen at this year’s IDS, and I’m sure you can see why!

Revego by Blum

REVEGO by Blum. Image courtesy of Blum.

This new tip-on mechanical pocket door system was introduced last year as a prototype but is now available on the market.  The incredibly sleek and easy-to-use design comes with a full overlay so that it can seamlessly line up with other cabinets.  It just takes a gentle press and the mess of a desk or bar area can be hidden from view.  With hardware that makes our job as designers easier, we’re able to create beautifully inconspicuous spaces for our clients!

Hyline 18mm HY40, iWindows

Image courtesy of Hyline.

Manufactured in Portugal, this gigantic electrical sliding glass door allows clients with a view to take in as much of it as they can. Rated for Canadian winter, this 20-foot high door uses 10ml double glazed low-e glass and has an 18mm central mullion – which is the thinnest in the world. With biophilia as the number one interior design trend, what better way to connect to nature than with the impressive viewpoint of a Hyline HY40 20-foot rail door system.

About the designer:
For over 20 years, Benjamin Ouellette has used his holistic approach to successfully improve his clients’ lifestyles. As an expert in the interior design field, Benjamin has spoken at industry shows such as KBIS and IDS, has been featured in publications such as Interior Design Magazine, Style at Home, Globe and Mail, and has judged various design and product competitions throughout North America. With a focus on psychological design, Benjamin uses his experience and knowledge to create happy, healthy and, most importantly, safe spaces that appeal to all five of the senses.