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Cyncly: The Ultimate Connection Platform to Bring Space to Life


In September of 2022, Compusoft + 2020 announced that its recently merged company would be called Cyncly. United under this new brand, Cyncly has become a global software powerhouse, expanding to over 2,300 employees and 70,000+ customers across the globe. The name “Cyncly” was initially inspired by pairing the words “synchronization” and “simplicity,” expressing the company’s mission to be the ultimate platform for seamlessly connecting every aspect of the design process, from start to finish. With its extensive catalog and content hub, Cyncly comprehensively brings together specialized visualization, sales, manufacturing, and content solutions under a unified system of applications. 

2020 Design Live 

Whatever kitchen or bathroom component you need to install, and no matter the scale of the job, Cyncly’s 2020 Design Live can provide you with an ever-expanding list of real products from the largest manufacturer catalogs in the world. 2020 Design Live’s design application is the only one available on the market to stream live from 2020 Cloud, which features these design elements from top manufacturers:

  • the latest 3D models
  • more than 150 eco-friendly textures and styles
  • beautifully detailed panels, components, and countertop textures
  • more than 1500 paint textures and multiple finishes
  • exquisitely crafted knobs and pulls
  • furniture, cabinetry, and appliances alongside 2,600 high-quality decorative items

Presentation Features 

2020 Design Live uses the proprietary rendering engine, EZ Render, to automatically apply and calibrate the highest quality lighting and true material finishes to bring your vision to life. 2020 Design Live can also make your designs appear as realistic as possible by easily importing surface textures from the vendors of your choice or from a vast library of textures from the best brands the industry has to offer. Once you’re completely satisfied with your design creation, you can save your favorite elements in the Idea Center library for easy access.

Integrative Management Tools

Cyncly’s end-to-end software solutions not only provide the world’s largest repository of catalogs and content, but integrative management tools that foster connectivity between customers, designers, retailers, and manufacturers. Every member of the process, from start to finish, can benefit from Cyncly’s software, which is comprised of: 

  • online space planning
  • CAD design applications
  • CPQ solutions
  • business process management
  • manufacturing execution systems (MES) 
  • enterprise resource planning (ERP)

Cyncly for Manufacturers and Businesses

Cyncly is the only company in the world that provides an online planning experience for consumers, design applications for professional designers, omni-channel point-of-sale for retailers, and factory management solutions for manufacturers. Cyncly solutions can communicate and share data so that retailers, manufacturers, professional designers, and dealer networks can collaborate without the duplication of effort or data production.

The Cyncly catalog database assists in showcasing manufacturers’ best products to customers and designers in order to form better partnerships and grow their businesses. It is a lead-generating engine, able to convert and secure sales by allowing direct access with their customers and their interests. Cyncly then connects and automates sales and manufacturing by quickly and accurately configuring products that seamlessly integrate with manufacturing.

Cyncly can also help businesses to make bigger, bolder, and more agile decisions, improving on the traditional ERP by using scalable systems to seamlessly accommodate an increased flow of information. Employing Cyncly for your business can:

  • improve results with faster lead times
  • expand retail presence without adding order management costs
  • fosters greater accuracy and the most flexible production scheduling
  • lessen costs while increasing customer satisfaction 
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