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Using Feng Shui to Create a Healthy and Abundant Home


September 26, 2024 | 12:00 PM ET


Susan Fefferman, Founder of Harmonious Surroundings

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What You Will Learn

Not many know this but Feng Shui is an art AND a science! The philosophy has been around for over 5,000 years and is not going anywhere soon (or ever).  In this session, Susan Fefferman will share the basic Principles of Feng Shui and attendees will see how it correlates to the Principles of Design and how it relates specifically to kitchens and baths.

Once designers better understand what these two funny words mean and how it can actually bring more wealth, health and abundance into lives and our homes, attendees will want to start incorporating it into all of your projects!  Designers have the ability to create spaces that are not only beautiful and functional but just imagine the added bonus of an unexpected windfall for a client (and potentially YOU) because of the easy application of Feng Shui. At the end of this presentation, attendees won’t need to tell their clients the “why” of feng shui but be able to just show them “what” benefits it has and they’ll be amazed.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn more about what feng shui is and what it entails.
  • Understand which feng shui principles can be applied to kitchens and baths.
  • Learn quick and easy tips to improve the wealth, health and luck in a home/office space using these principles.
Featured Presenter
Susan Fefferman

As the founder of Harmonious Surroundings, a full-service San Diego based company specializing in Feng Shui & Interior Design, my goal is to not only bring balance to my clients lives but to educate them as to the importance of Feng Shui in their environments.
My educational background is in Business Management with a secondary degree in Interior Design and Master Certifications in Western School & Classical Feng Shui. My professional experience includes managing/operating an Accounting firm for 20+ years, prior to starting my own practice. I am a “Perpetual Student” always looking to expand my personal growth and development. Through continuing education & training it allows me to bring all that is possible to my clients. I have strong organizational and project management skills, pay attention to budget and detail and am environmentally aware. (I also love animals!). I’ve trained as an instructor of the International Feng Shui School and also traveled to China in 2013 on a FS Immersion Program. I am a Red Ribbon Professional Member of the IFSG as well as a long time member of NKBA and currently serving on the board of my local San Diego Chapter as Secy/Treasurer.

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