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Smart Homes Should be Healthy Homes


September 18, 2024 | 12:00 PM ET


Josh Christian, CEO of Home Technology Association + Michael Don Ham, Co-Founder and President of RePure

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What You Will Learn

The term ‘smart home’ has been around for a while, though exactly what does the term cover? How does the topic of wellness fit into the topic of smart homes? And how does smart home technology affect the design and build process?

This webinar will discuss both subjects, the smart home and what’s included in the term “wellness” as it relates to the home environment. Join Josh Christian and Michael Don Ham. Josh is CEO of the Home Technology Association, and Michael Don Ham for an engaging presentation and dive into the world of wellness technology, sustainable design, and creating healthier living spaces for all.

As it pertains to smart homes, you will learn the definition of the term and what can be accomplished with smart home technology, from the most basic through to the most automated and personalized experience possible. Use cases will be shared so you will get a firm grasp of the possibilities.

Regarding wellness, you will learn how adjustable lighting, water quality, air quality and acoustic comfort all come together to make the home an environment that sustains optimum health, lowers stress, and helps our immune systems. This session will teach how you can work wellness and smart home technology into your designs, further establishing your value to your clients.

Learning Objectives:

  • Develop a comfort level with smart home and wellness technology so designers are empowered speaking about these topics intelligently with clients.
  • Learn how to offer these smart home and wellness amenities to your clients and when they need to be discussed.
  • Learn how to find designer-friendly home technology integrators that can install these amenities.
Featured Presenter
Josh Christian

Josh has been a technology enthusiast since a child and entered the home technology industry in 1995. Soon after, he began working with designers to help them integrate technology into their projects in the most aesthetically pleasing ways possible. In 2017 Josh co-founded the Home Technology Association (HTA) to create the industry’s first and only standard of excellence for home technology integrators so homeowners and design and build professionals could find qualified home technology integrators. The HTA has positioned itself as the ‘bridge’ between home technology integrators and the design and build professions.

He has delivered dozens of presentations to some of the top architects, and interior designers throughout the USA. In serving different roles, as a salesperson, a consultant, and an industry outreach liaison, Josh brings years of experience with integrating technology into design. His goal has always been for clients to have exceptional technology experiences. In his role as CEO of the HTA, he is delivering on that goal.

Featured Presenter
Michael Don Ham

Meet Michael Don Ham, a dynamic presenter who brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to the world of wellness technology and sustainable living spaces.

As the Co-Founder and President of RePure, Michael is at the forefront of providing best-in-class wellness technology solutions for residential applications through professional installers. His vision? To simplify the management of Indoor Environmental Quality (air, water, light, acoustics, scents) in homes and buildings, just as a thermostat controls temperature.

With degrees in Kinesiology, Education, and a minor in Nutrition, Michael has spent over two decades dedicated to health and wellness. He’s held leadership roles in non-profits, technology design, organic farming, and consumer packaged goods and also co-founded an award-winning regenerative organic tea brand, Wild Orchard.

Michael is a WELL AP and WELL Faculty member of the International WELL Building Institute. He’s on a mission to increase awareness of how our living spaces impact our health, promoting people and planet-centric design and technology for continuous improvement.

With expertise in regenerative organic agriculture, indoor air quality, air filtration, water quality, and more, Michael has been a sought-after speaker at prestigious events such as CES, CEDIA, IAQA, the World Tea Expo and beyond.

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