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Frameless Glass Showers: Principles and Elements of Design


August 20, 2024 | 12:00 PM ET


Shannon McKinney, Owner of DT Glass Inc.

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What You Will Learn

Frameless glass adds more than just functionality to a shower, it elevates the entire room. It’s a must-have for high-end remodels and new construction. When planning for glass in your shower design, do you find yourself:

A: Playing it safe instead of maximizing this versatile material?

B: Overreaching by creating designs that are physically impossible to build?

C: Avoiding glass details completely, leaving the builder to figure it out?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, you’re not alone. Clear, reliable, and actionable information about glass is not easy to find.

In this presentation, Shannon McKinney will fill the information void with the guidance you need to design your homeowners’ dream shower, while keeping them safe and secure. The session will start with an understanding of frameless glass as a stand-alone product, including the capabilities of the glass and hardware. Moving onto incorporating the surrounding wall, floor, benches, and pony walls that come in contact with the glass. Finally, looking at the glass as part of an ecosystem as we consider water and steam mitigation in popular configurations like walk-in showers, curbless showers, and steam showers. Approach your next shower design with confidence after this presentation!

An extensive digital guide accompanies this presentation and will become your go-to resource for shower glass.

Featured Presenter
Shannon McKinney

Shannon McKinney has been an influential force in bringing accurate, actionable, and reliable information about using glass as a building material to the construction industry at-large.  Her company, DT Glass, is passionate about interior glass, including wine rooms, back-painted glass, and frameless glass showers.  Her shower design training started as one-on-one meetings with contractor customers, but soon morphed into local group classes, industry group presentations at chapter meetings, speaking at trade shows, and national webinars.  She was proud to serve in the year-long endeavor of the National Glass Association to publish the Frameless Shower Enclosure Design and Installation Manual.  It was released in July 2023 and serves as the recognized industry guideline for glass professionals.  Her own company’s shower installation is featured on the front cover, and she now has the official backing of the NGA to support her training.

Shannon’s mission is to break through the barriers that stand between homeowners and the showers of their dreams.  At home near Portland, Oregon, that means working with local designers and contractors during the planning stages, fabricating and tempering the glass at their own plant in Oregon City, and installing with their own teams of experienced glaziers.  Outside of home, she shares her experience with industry professionals, helping them to confidently create beautiful and safe showers and encouraging them to partner with their own local custom glass source.

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