Become a National Leader

Do you want to become more involved in our industry? Submit your name today to volunteer on the NKBA national level!

The application period is now open to fill leadership positions and there are multiple committees looking for volunteers.

The application period is open from August 1, 2019 through August 30, 2019. To apply, click the link and select the committee you feel best suits your skill set. The committees are as follows:

Board of Directors – 2 open positions 

The Board of Directors shall have general supervision, control and direction of the affairs of the Association and its committees and publications; shall determine its policies or changes therein; shall actively pursue the organization’s objectives and oversee the financial stability of the Association.

Leadership Recruitment Committee – 1 open position 

The Leadership Recruitment Committee is charged with identifying and screening potential Board members and presenting a slate of candidates for open positions to the applicable body.

Chapter Leadership Committee – 1 open position

The purpose of the Chapter Leadership Committee is to provide a link between the grassroots of the Association, its chapters, the National Board of Directors and National staff. They are charged with monitoring member needs at the chapter level and conveying these needs to the Board of Directors and National staff. Requirement: Must currently be a chapter officer to apply for this committee.

KBIS Exhibitor Committee – 5 open positions 

The purpose of the KBIS Exhibitor Committee is to provide a link between the exhibitors and attendees of KBIS and the Board of Directors, and to ensure that their needs are being appropriately monitored and evaluated. The KBIS Exhibitor Committee advises the Board on industry trends and makes recommendations for appropriate products, programs and services, to meet the needs of the exhibitors and attendees.