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NKBA’s August Webinar Series: Cabinetry and Remodeling, Hiring Employees

Design webinars, sponsored by Blum, cover cabinetry and remodeling webinars, while business webinars focus on hiring employees.
By Elisa Fernández-Arias

The NKBA Design Webinars for August, which are free and sponsored by Blum, center on cabinetry and remodeling. They cover a wide array of topics, including designing a fully-realized kitchen, manufacturing furniture grade bathroom vanities, personalizing cabinetry solutions and more.

In August, NKBA Business Webinars revolve around hiring employees, including how to secure qualified job applicants and how to hire with confidence.

Please note: All webinars begin at 12 noon ET.

Webinar CEU Information for Certification 

Each month, NKBA offers free 60-minute webinars worth 0.1 CEU per event. This is an easy way for designers to collect the CEUs needed to maintain NKBA certification and learn great skills along the way. Participants must engage in 80 percent of each live session to receive CEU credit.

Webinars for August
Design Webinar Theme: Cabinetry + Remodeling

Dictating the Details for a Fully Realized Kitchen Design

Have you ever seen a kitchen remodel and thought there was something missing or not quite right? Have you yourself ever seen your client’s completed project and wished things were done a little differently? On August 2, 2023, learn from Duane Becker, Owner, Sapre Training about common design details that will help round out your kitchen design — and how to convey these details to the installers. Register here.

An Exploration of Furniture Grade Bathroom Vanity Construction, Materials and Design Considerations

The bathroom vanity is the focal point of the modern bathroom, and furniture grade vanities create an opportunity to combine style and function. In this webinar, explore the various construction methods used to manufacture furniture grade bathroom vanities, the different materials and finishes used and how they perform within the bathroom space and the features and benefits in luxury bathroom vanity design. On August 16, 2023, join Mike Gross – Senior Category Manager of Wholesale Sales Channel, Michelle Rozier – Category Manager and Cierra McKenna – Category Manager, of James Martin Vanities, as they teach about materials and construction techniques, the difference between vanities and built-in cabinetry and more. Register here.

Clever Combinations: Personalized Solutions to Fit Your Clients’ Needs

The way we use our homes has changed rapidly since the pandemic in 2020. People were forced to figure out how they wanted to use their homes, and now we expect more from our homes than ever before. We are asking ourselves “What should this space facilitate?” and designing around that. In this webinar on August 22, 2023, presented by Karen Smith, Brand Communication Coordinator, Blum Inc., you will learn about how homes have evolved since the pandemic, how cabinetry can be personalized to each client and more. Register here.

Remodeling with Purpose

Designers sometimes get a bad reputation for designing over a budget. It happens. But we should always be aware of our budgetary constraints. While we have budgetary constraints, that doesn’t mean we can’t create a space that is both beautiful and functional. Join Liz Kennedy, Designer, Elm Construction, LLC, in this webinar on August 28, 2023 as she shares her expertise on designing to a budget and understanding how to make design work for your individual needs. Register here.

Going Green: Tips for Prioritizing Sustainability in Your Design Process

Prioritizing sustainability is a brand-building opportunity. It opens the door for exciting partnerships with like-minded clients, design-build pros, and suppliers in the home improvement space. The recently released annual Energy Pulse study from Shelton Group suggests that consumers in the market for a new home prioritize energy-efficient features over luxury items. And of course, specifying sustainable products and services is beneficial for the environment. On August 30, 2023, join a panel of experts to learn more about the sustainability value proposition, sustainability design strategies and building a greener brand, led by panel host Mary A. Moulds, Marketing & Events Director – Pro Division, AJ Madison and including panelists Jessica Petrino Ball, Editorial Director, AJ Madison, Michael Forti, Vice President, Residential Angel and Sarah Zohar, Founder & Lead Designer, Sarah Z Designs. Register here.

Business Webinar Theme: Hiring Employees

Hire with Confidence: Learn How to Break the Frustrating 3S Cycle

Hiring is hard. Almost every business owner and leader agree. In this webinar on August 1, 2023, led by Rikka Brandon (Owner) & Team, Building Gurus, you’ll learn what the frustrating 3S Cycle in hiring is and what you can do to break free from it. Once you build the skill to recognize the 3S cycle of scarcity, settling and setbacks and shift your mindset, you’ll be able to start hiring with confidence. Register here.

Securing Qualified Job Applicants: The #1 Thing You Can Do

Business owners, hiring managers, really, anyone involved in the hiring or recruiting process needs to understand how subtle mindset shifts and simple process tweaks can improve the number of good job applicants they are getting — without spending much more time than they already are. On August 8, 2023, learn from Rikka Brandon (Owner) & Team, Building Gurus about the huge impact that the interested applicant experience and job seeker psychology have on the number of good applicants you see, what you need to do to get more qualified and interested applicants for your opening and more. Register here.