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Building / Remodeling
Kitchen Lighting Done Right: Lessons Learned in the Field0.1 CEUsDoug Walter, CMKBD, Owner
Lighting is hard. Lighting is easy. Which is it? Come invest an hour with Subject Matter Expert Doug Walter as he simplifies lighting rules and guidelines by sharing half a dozen of his projects and how he solved their lighting challenges: everything from flat 8-foot ceilings to modern vaulted ceilings, from minor to major remodels, from tight budgets to unlimited ones. You don’t need to spend a fortune to get good lighting; you just need to follow the guidelines and put useable illumination down on the work surfaces using layers of lighting. It all starts with a plan. It used to be, we were taught that downlighting needed to be far from the cabinetry to avoid scallops and provide “even light.” Through on-site research on actual projects, Doug has proven that not to work, at all! He has documented this research in over a dozen trade magazine articles and dozens of seminars like this one. Comments from past attendees to Doug’s lighting classes said, “Very informative, useful practical tools and tips that I can actually take back and use” and “A great class at KBIS; so much information!” Discover the new improved Lighting Guidelines in the new Kitchen & Bath Design Guidelines, which Doug helped craft. He also was one of four authors of the Lighting Badge curriculum and is an active member of the Illuminating Engineering Society, the AIA, and, of course, NKBA. He will share a six-page handout with a glossary, bibliography, and further tips with all attendees.
The End of the Job, IS the Job! – Avoid the Never-Ending Punch List0.1 CEUsSteve Wheeler, Director of Business Development
Closing out a project with minimal stress—for both the remodeler/builder and the client—is easier said than done. All too often, a company does not have a well thought out system for job closeout, resulting in the never-ending punch list and feeling of dread as you finish the project. Is it even possible to close out a job without a lot of stress? Attend this talk and learn tried and true methods for managing client expectations throughout your relationship. Learn how to start the close-out of a project, from the initial sales presentation to the collection of the last payment. The final days of the project will become a celebration, and not a race to finish a never-ending punch list.
How to Meet Client Technology Needs and Maintain Your Design Aesthetic0.1 CEUsJosh Christian, CEO, HTA
Homeowners are requesting more technology systems in their homes for safety, convenience, entertainment, lifestyle, and wellness. It used to be just TVs and sound systems, now it’s smart home, lighting controls and fixtures, motorized shades and drapery, Wi-Fi, security systems, media rooms and more. How does the increasing proliferation of home tech affect you as an interior designer? This informative presentation will share resources and recommendations that will put you in control of the technology conversation. You will learn how to find and qualify home technology installation companies that not only respect your design aesthetic but also want to work with you as your design team partner. You will learn an overview of the technology options available and ways to blend and hide technology into the home’s décor. You will learn about technologies that enhance your interior design and make the home more convenient and entertaining. And finally, you will learn how you can profit from working with home technology installers.
Business Management
How Does a Sales Process Help my Business?.05 CEUsDuane Becker, Owner
If I am running a successful design business, do I need a defined sales process? This is a question many designers and business owners may ask themselves, and few have a sales process in writing. We will talk about the importance of having a consistent sales process, the benefits, and how to develop one for yourself and your company.
How to Fire A Client While Maintaining Your Cool.05 CEUsElizabeth Lord-Levitt, CMKBD, Principal Designer & Gina D’Amore Bauerle, Partner and Interior Designer
How many red flags is too many? When is the right time to let a client go and move on to the next project? Breakups are hard, so let us guide you through the most effective and respectful approaches to firing a client. Learn how to not burn bridges but keep your flame.
The Corporateneur Designer: Balancing Artistry and Business0.1 CEUsGreg Rohl, Founder/Principal, Lou Rohl, Principal
Many design professionals pursue their creative careers after a start in the corporate world. Others begin a design-related career in a large firm, eventually choosing to strike out on their own in search of more freedom, purpose, and financial growth. Those who find a way to retain the lessons learned from a large organization while embracing the art and heart of entrepreneurship are what we call “Corporateneurs.” However, many designers often find themselves grappling with the challenge of balancing their artistic talent with running a successful business. To address this crucial issue, our presentation aims to equip designers with a unique framework: the Corporateneur model, weaving together the characteristics of both Art and Science, as opposed to treating them as two distinct and, sometimes, competing areas of ability. Innovation, Flexibility, Intuition, and Humanity comprise the characteristics of Art. Strategy, Discipline, Process, and Organization represent our aspects of Science. Through engaging discussions and practical insights, attendees will discover how to harmonize their artistic prowess with entrepreneurial acumen. By grasping this duality, designers will gain a holistic perspective of their creative endeavors, enabling them to navigate the challenges of running a successful business without compromising their artistic integrity. Building upon the understanding of the dual nature, we provide attendees with practical tools and strategies for applying the Corporateneur model in their design practice. Through case studies and real-world examples, participants will learn how to leverage their artistic strengths to drive innovation and creativity while incorporating the business principles necessary for sustained success. Fostering a design entrepreneur mindset empowers designers to embrace lifelong learning and stay at the forefront of industry trends. Additionally, we discuss the importance of building networks, fostering collaborations, and developing business acumen to create sustainable and fulfilling design practices.
Collaboration is Key: Launching Bespoke Closets’ Design Studio0.1 CEUsKelly Victor-Burke, Majority Owner, Jenny O’Connor, Design Director
Learn why Burke Architectural Millwork, Michigan’s first and only WBENC Certified Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) in custom millwork, decided in 2022 to start its new divisional brand, Bespoke Closets & Organized Spaces, based on establishing collaborative relationships. These relationships allowed for the incorporation of stunning creative design into its 1800 sq foot design studio house built specifically to attract luxury clientele & to serve as an educational space for the design community. From business plan development focused on building partnerships to the journey of building out a design studio to telling its story on social media, participants will learn from the company majority owner and design director on strategies that everyone can replicate to help their business grow.
Cue…the CLOSER!.05 CEUsMaria Stapperfenne, CMKBD, CLIPP, Manager-Designer
Why are some people WAY more successful getting better deals, more sales, and greater opportunities and exposure? We’ve entered a new age where the close of the sale needs to happen quicker! Learn how to ask and answer the difficult questions and know the competition as well as WHO is BUYING!
The Power of Building Relationships0.1 CEUsPatty Dominguez, Vice President of Business Development
In order to give your business a competitive edge, it is now more important than ever for businesses to build relationships across the industry – from designers and architects to specifiers and manufacturers. This session from a powerful female leader in the industry will explore how to get involved with industry organizations, like NKBA, to benefit your business, the secrets to networking and establishing meaningful connections, and how to connect with global hospitality and Fortune 500 companies for exponential growth.
Smart Technology for All Living In Place Clients0.1 CEUsToni Sabatino, AKBD, Owner
Smart Technology is not Big Brother – It’s Your New Best Friend! Most homes already have some level of technology, and in the future, all homes will be very connected. Learn from 2 well-known experts what smart technology can do to help your clients Live In Place and expand your business. Discover a new world of devices that can help everyone Live In Place, regardless of their age or physical limitations. Understand how technology has gone from just a thermostat you dial in to controlling almost everything in your home, sometimes automatically! But at the same time, learn how smart technology can provide medical solutions in the home, the Pros & Cons of smart technology, and the professionals you should work with to ensure that your clients get the best solutions.
Optimizing Luxury Kitchen Design with New Workflows and Custom Storage Solutions0.1 CEUsAshley Keating, CKBD, Sales Designer
As the kitchen space continues to become the hub of the home, consumers are examining their evolving lifestyles to reflect the creative kitchen. In this course, we will focus on how work zones can be implemented in the kitchen to optimize space, usage, and safety, while creating a customized experience for your client. Not only do work zones create a more organized kitchen, but they also make it easier to maintain order in the kitchen. We will also discuss how storage and organizational tools can be used to increase well-being by ensuring a level of cleanliness and order in the kitchen. Lastly, we will discuss accessibility standards that can increase the safety and welfare of the occupants.
Home Holistic Wellness + Personal Expression0.1 CEUsDanielle DeBoe Harper
People feel their homes reflect their true selves, values, hopes, and dreams. As humans, we all share the innate desire to be seen and heard and recognized as unique members of society with a perspective of our own. In this panel, experts in the home space will dive into the macrotrend of personal expression to share their insights on how designers can demonstrate an understanding of this innate desire with their audience and build opportunities for personal expression in their designs.
Color Confidence: Empowering Clients to Embrace Colorful Spaces.05 CEUsDayana De Almeida, Principal Designer
In a world dominated by neutral tones and safe design choices, it’s time to break free from the fear of adding color into our spaces. This session aims to teach designers to empower clients to embrace the transformative power of vibrant hues and explore the limitless possibilities they offer. While addressing common concerns and misconceptions clients have about using color. The session will show designers how they can uncover those underlying concerns a client may have about using color, and how to foster a trusting and open client-designer relationship.
Biophilic Design for Kitchens and Bath – So Much More than House Plants0.1 CEUsHannah Hacker, CMKBD, Lead Designer
Biophilic Design is a growing architectural strategy with proven health benefits to building occupants. Most case studies and examples of successful Biophilic Design are focused on commercial spaces, but there are many opportunities to incorporate Biophilic Design into homes as well. In this presentation, we will learn what Biophilic Design is, the established strategies for achieving a Biophilic Design and how these strategies can be implemented into designs for residential kitchen and bath spaces.
Design Basics for Emerging Kitchen and Bath Designers0.1 CEUsJennifer Hutton, Principal Designer
Whether you’re entering the kitchen and bath design field as a second career, you’re a student, or you’re coming from another facet of the design and construction industry, it’s important to have design basics under your belt to help facilitate a successful working relationship with clients. This fun, wide-ranging lecture will help you identify and develop an understanding of logistics, basics, relationships and sales, and will dive into deeper topics like lessons learned and how to navigate the waters as a newcomer.
Everything You Need to Know About Using Metal in Your Interior Design for Residential and Commercial Design.05 CEUsKatiana Chapman, President & CEO
In our session, we will show you how to utilize metal as a unique material in your interior design, with a focus on the kitchen. We will discuss the different metal finishes available – Zinc, Pewter, Brass, Bronze, Copper – and the benefits of each. We will then talk about how to potentially use them in products like tables, countertops, range hoods, wall panels, etc.
Opposite George: Kitchen Design Rules You Can Creatively Ignore0.1 CEUsLeslie Hart-Davidson, Owner & Lead Designer
Through the hilarious lens of popular culture, “Opposite George: Kitchen Design Rules You Can Creatively Ignore” honors the iconic Seinfeld episode where George Costanza decides to disregard every instinct and do the opposite for a day. This session will challenge the accepted and sometimes rigid norms of kitchen design in order to break free of creative ruts to better customize and personalize the design outcomes for clients. Using a Love Boat-load of television and movie references, the seven rules presented will examine the premise of the norm, then pick it apart through audience discussion and a fun activity. “Rule 3: Worship the Work Triangle,” for example, begins with an Opposite George declaration that functionality is in the eye of the beholder. The activity to challenge the norm is a hands-on “Groceries to Leftovers Audit” that includes a step-by-step analysis of an existing or proposed kitchen layout from bringing in a bag of groceries for a meal, preparing the meal, to storing the leftovers after cleaning. Understanding the required functionality for your client can differ vastly from project to project, so the audit exercise showcases Opposite George’s declaration about the end user. Attendees will leave the session with a head full of nostalgic one-liners from TV and film, a heart full of empathy and empowerment to better help their clients live better in their home, and a packet full of witty, helpful guides to make their client interactions and outcomes more successful.
The Key Aspects to Designing a New Living In Place Home.05 CEUsLouie Delaware, President & Founder
After Louie Delaware’s home was destroyed in the Marshall Wildfire on December 30th, 2021, it presented him with the opportunity to design a Living In Place home from the ground up. Join Louie as he presents the challenges that he faced after the fire, to creating an Idea Home with 6 well-known industry designers, and the key features that need to be included in every home to make it ready for all possibilities.
Top 10 Design Mistakes to Avoid When Designing a Kitchen0.1 CEUsMark Haddad CMKBD, Founder and President
Susan Cracraft, CMKBD, Interiology Design Co.
We’ve all seen our share of design projects that we weren’t quite sure about. The ones that make us shake our heads and say what am I looking at or what were we thinking? In this course, we’ll review common mistakes to avoid when designing and specifying kitchens to have optimal results. We’ll share tips, tricks, and strategies that all designers can apply to avoid errors that cost time and money. Attendees will come away with a thorough understanding of the practical ways to optimize their design and project management process.
Smart Home + Sustainability + Wellness = Impact on Aging in Place Design.05 CEUsMichael Kristofka, Head of Client Services
Homeowners that want to age in place continue to rise in number, and they are making home improvement decisions to do so sooner than ever. We recently completed a national US survey of homeowners about some of these bigger home improvement trends in smart home innovations, the importance of sustainability, and their top wellness considerations. While aging-in-place design has come a long way from redesigning spaces for ease of movement and safety, these three trends have varying degrees of importance and influence on future aging-in-place designs and solutions. What are the implications for each? How should designers incorporate these insights into any home designs now? What key product attributes are most important for homeowners that want to age in place? What trend has the greatest home improvement ROI for those planning to age in place?
The Art of Lighting a Room Aesthetically0.1 CEUsPatricia Davis Brown, CMKBD, Owner/Designer
Lighting a space aesthetically is more than finding the right decorative lighting fixture. It is important to know how to place each and every recessed fixture and take into consideration the beam spread and how it will hit the space. Lighting is a mathematical equation and needs special consideration for the proper aesthetic outcome. Lighting is an important layer of the room design.
Kosher Kitchens – Is the Work Triangle Dead?.05 CEUsRachel Groundland, Principal Designer
Rachel Groundland is the Principal Designer at Groundland Interiors, as well as the Creative Director for Yeshiva Beth Yehudah. As an Orthodox Jewish cook who previously owned a successful Kosher catering company, Rachel is passionate about prepping delicious meals and desserts for her friends and family, and is uniquely qualified to understand the specific requirements for a kosher kitchen. Rachel specializes in Kosher Kitchen Design, and aside from creating beautiful, functional kitchens, she designs her kitchens to create meaningful connections for families that cook together for the Sabbath and Holidays. The kitchen is the hub where families gather, and memories are made. A well-planned kitchen design will help create an incredible experience. Because of these requirements, it is necessary to familiarize designers with the concepts of cooking Kosher, with separate zones for Meat, Dairy and Pareve (contains neither dairy nor meat, or their derivatives). The need to find extra space to accommodate separate Meat, Dairy and Pareve dinnerware, and utensils, as well as separate appliances, is a unique challenge. It is not uncommon to see kosher kitchens that contain three sinks, two dishwashers, two separate ovens and microwaves, as well as separate countertops for Meat, Dairy and Pareve.
Mastering the Principles of Outdoor Kitchen Design: A Case Study Analysis0.1 CEUsRuss Faulk, Chief Designer
Over the last decade, the interest in outdoor kitchens has continued to rise. This is reflected by numerous surveys continuously naming outdoor kitchens as a key home trend. Outdoor kitchens add value to a home, extend living and entertaining spaces and bring the comfort of the indoors out. Transforming functional outdoor kitchen spaces takes serious planning and design knowledge—and is quite different from interior kitchen design. With the surge in outdoor living spaces, it is important for all architects, designers and builders to know how to best work together and create a functional extension of the home in the backyard. This presentation takes a deeper look at a specific outdoor kitchen build and identifies current market trends for outdoor kitchens, the scope of products available, decisions to consider before starting a project and design guidelines you need to know to create outdoor kitchens your clients will want to use all year round.
How Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets Can Change Your Business.05 CEUsRussell Greene, Owner
Outdoor custom cabinets are made of marine-grade High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), making them far superior to stainless steel cabinets. HDPE is a high-technology polymer engineered for direct exposure to rain, snow, and extreme temperatures, hot or cold. The cabinetry will not split, fade, crack, or chalk. And it definitely won’t absorb water and swell like wood cabinetry does. Our outdoor kitchen cabinets are beautiful high-end cabinetry that has been designed and engineered specifically for outdoor use. It has several characteristics that make it uniquely suited for outdoor applications:
Emergency Design: How to Help the Client After a Disaster.05 CEUsStacy McCarthy, CMKBD, Principal
Your client just experienced a home disaster and turns to you for quick solutions. The disaster restoration world can be quick-slow-quick and confusing. Adding on invaluable design services for your client or contractor will make you the hero of quick yet tough decisions for the homeowner. This is no ordinary remodel, this is the remodel your client never expected and is now in the throes of paperwork, insurance, contractors and chaos.
Mid-Century Modern Design: Functional Beauty0.1 CEUsNancy Young, CKBD, Owner/President
Have you wondered how to incorporate modern kitchen elements into an Art Deco design? Do you recognize Art Deco structures around your community? In this session, we will continue our historical exploration of kitchen design by learning how the Art Deco design movement changed the kitchen from a simply functional work space to a glamorous and luxurious focal point in the home. In addition, attendees will increase their knowledge and ability to define project requirements, whether it be historic preservation, renovation or new construction. An introduction to current resources necessary to complete high quality marketable designs will be offered. Expand your business options and provide client satisfaction through authentic period design.
K&B Trends
International Kitchen Trends0.1 CEUsDaniel Tripp, AKBD, Director, Kitchen and Bath Business Group
The world is getting smaller and smaller thanks to social media and modern technology. What used to take several years to find its way to different markets, can now begin to be found almost simultaneously across the globe. In this review of kitchen trends, we will visit several major markets around the world to learn more about what is trending across different parts of the world as it relates to kitchen cabinet design. We will look at a broad category of cabinet hardware, inserts, finishes, and lighting and answer some questions about the U.S. market such as . . . • Is the U.S. the only country that uses face frame cabinets? Are full-access cabinets a growing market segment? • Are there kitchen trends seen in Italy, Germany, Brazil, or Australia that might compare to the American market? • What was seen at EuroCucina or the A30 Küchenmeile that might be coming to the U.S.? • What countries or localities are major influencers in the U.S. market? This session will answer these questions and more.
Luxury Reimagined: Unveiling the Future Expectations of Opulence in Kitchen and Bath Design0.1 CEUsBrian Gee, Head of Strategy & Research & Kathleen Carron, Creative Director for Experiential Design, Simon/Myers
What defines the future of luxury in kitchen and bath design? This focused session, presented by Brian Gee, Head of Strategy & Research at Simon/Myers, and Kathleen Carron, Creative Director for Experiential Design at Simon/Myers, embarks on a voyage into high-end design’s rapidly changing landscape. Leveraging a pioneering study on high net worth individuals’ expectations, Gee and Carron will explore the upcoming trends in luxury, emphasizing the roles of and intersections between innovation, technology, and sustainability. Attendees will gain essential insights into the evolving paradigms of opulence, and will be ready to craft spaces that mirror future luxury expectations.
The Finishing Touch: Understanding and Exploring the Latest in Cabinet Finishes0.1 CEUsCandelario “Candy” Eliserio and Shilpa Amaram, Modern Wood Services
The world of cabinet finishes offers an overwhelming array of options to design professionals. This presentation aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the most common cabinet finish materials – laminates, paint/pigments, and wood – and will discuss the latest innovations with these finishes. By delving into the features, benefits and limitations of each of these finishes, attendees will gain the knowledge needed to make informed decisions when specifying finishes for their projects.
Tunable White: The EASY Choice for Designers0.1 CEUsKeith Troska, Product Sales Manager – Illumination
Illumination has been available in cabinets for years. Historical solutions were fluorescent, halogen, and incandescent, with the newest and most versatile being LED. The market is again shifting as it fine-tunes the offering of LED illumination with the addition of Multi-White or “Tunable Kelvin,” which is becoming the standard for kitchen cabinets. Multi-white illumination raises many questions, including . . . • What is multi-white illumination? • Why is the market shifting to this type of illumination? • What advantages are there for the designer? For the manufacturer? For the consumer? • Should multi-white be used in my next project? This session will answer the above questions and concerns, providing Kitchen Designers, Dealers and Manufacturers with another advantage in the market to increase revenue while taking care of the end-users. The latest trends show that Multi-white is emerging as the illumination solution that can provide a transformational impact to a project while simplifying the process and simultaneously reducing the hesitancy of all participants in the process.
The Rise of Resimercial & Its Influence on Bathroom Design.05 CEUsMassimo Ballucchi, Vice President of Kitchen and Bath Business, North America
As we continue to travel more, consumers are drawing inspiration from the commercial spaces they see, and resort-inspired “resimercial” designs have been a growing theme in home design. This session will explore how resimercial influences are driving trends like the “spathroom,” glam rooms and more, how to incorporate luxury bathroom amenities seen in hotels into residential designs, and how to leverage surfacing to inspire new spaces.
Talking Texture: Highlighting Trending Materials in Cabinetmaking.05 CEUsOwen Madden, Cabinet Shop Foreman
Take a deep dive into the world of cabinet materials with presenter Owen Madden, getting insight into upcoming trends from the wood shop floor. Explore the explosion of textured solid woods and how to integrate them into modern kitchen design. We also will be taking a look into the future of modern building materials being used in today’s most high end millwork packages. This talk will be a great accompaniment to the trade show and will have you revisiting things you may have overlooked in the first place.
2024 Global Color and Design Forecast0.1 CEUsRuthanne Hanlon, National Color and Design Manager
The 2024 Global Color and Design Forecast exposes the most significant color and design directions for the coming year, including discussion of influencers, consumer mood, styling, materials, textures, finishes and surface treatments as they apply to surfaces and spaces.
Winning Outdoor Kitchen Design0.1 CEUsRyan Bloom, Co-Founder and President
We are witnessing one of the greatest shifts in consumer behavior as it relates to our homes and the way we spend time in them. Outdoor spaces, which were once an afterthought, have now become an essential component of our homes. It is where we unwind after a long day, entertain, cook and connect with family and friends. Where there was once a disconnect between indoors and outdoors, design professionals now find themselves in a unique position to bridge this gap and create the solutions and experiences their clients are seeking in their outdoor spaces. Urban Bonfire’s Co-Founder and President, Ryan Bloom, will elaborate on how the design community can leverage this emerging industry to make their mark on outdoor spaces and grow their business in return. He will cover the key principles of outdoor kitchen design, including technical, functional and regional considerations, with a focus on creating livable and usable spaces. It will help design professionals expand their expertise and serve clients in one of the biggest trends in outdoor living.
Sharpen Your Saw, Sharpen Your Performance0.1 CEUsDan Luck, Sr. Vice President
Are you a workaholic? Do you catch yourself saying I love the work, it’s just the workload that gets to me? No matter how many years of experience are under your belt, whether it’s your 1st year or your 30th, it’s important to know you are the instrument of your own performance. To be an effective owner, manager, or sales designer, you need to continuously sharpen the saw to stay on top of your game. And there is so much new technology impacting our kitchen/bath industry right now! Unpacking Habit # 7 from Stephen Covey’s book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, this presentation will elaborate on the art of self-discipline and leave you with 5 major takeaways to put a super fine edge on your game.
Speaking Skills That Thrill!0.1 CEUsPaula Kennedy, CMKBD, Owner
Do you daydream of feeling as comfortable on stage as it “seems” other speakers are? Do you imagine you’re the best speaker that ever lived, in your mind? Do you have a story that is itching to be told? Do you fancy yourself a critic and like to dissect how a speaker just performed? Have you thought, “Oh, I could NEVER get up on stage and speak like so and so does!” Everyone can tell a story, it’s not as scary as it looks. First things first! Get beyond your fear of speaking. Not every good speaker is born with a talent or gifted, most get better with failure and practice. Just like a great design can fall flat with poor lighting and an average design can be a showstopper with a brilliant lighting plan and the right lights. You’ll get to learn from my experience through trial and error, and lots of practice. From developing a topic to creating the presentation, submitting for speaking opportunities, knowing your audience and crafting your message to engage the listeners. We’ll follow up with the mechanics of speaking and presentation skills and wrap it up with tips and tricks. Get on that stage and get comfortable with the spotlight! If I can do it, so can you!!
A New Era of Remodeling; Insights from a Generation Z Designer0.1 CEUsSophia M. Amiano, Designer/Marketing Director/Showroom Manager
This presentation can review the outlook of a Generation Z designer/future business owner’s forecast of the remodeling industry. Topics of discussion can involve time management, co-worker engagement, putting processes into place, etc.
From Boomers to Zoomers: Mastering Multigenerational Leadership0.1 CEUsTom Houghton, Owner/Lead Consultant
Want to learn and grow in your leadership of your multigenerational team? Or be prepared for the growing number of Gen Z that are entering the workforce? Join us to dive deep into the art of connecting and motivating employees from different generations. With the workforce today comprising a diverse mix of generations, it’s crucial for leaders to understand the unique dynamics at play and leverage them to foster collaboration, innovation, and productivity. Drawing from real-world examples and best practices, we’ll provide practical strategies and actionable insights for effectively leading a multigenerational team. From bridging the gap between seasoned Baby Boomers and tech-savvy Gen Z “Zoomers” to creating an inclusive and harmonious work environment, we’ll equip you with the tools to navigate the complexities of multigenerational leadership.
Leadership Without Title.05 CEUs Dina Al-Dajani, CMKBD, Associate Professor
Great leaders are change makers who play an essential role in driving results and achieving goals. At any small or large organization, positive leaders not only increase organization effectiveness, individual motivations, commitment, and engagement but also create a safe healthy work environment, which can greatly influence individuals’ productivity and health as well as emotional state of mind. Effective and inspiring leaders focus on honing essential leadership pillars. Effective leaders take personal responsibility and accountability for their career development and help to further an organization’s goals through improving individuals’ engagement and helping individuals develop the capacities the organization needs to succeed. Elevating leadership skills among individuals brings out the best in others and drives performance and results.
Architectural Photography Creates Magazine-Worthy Photos.05 CEUsAdam Gibson, CMKBD, Architectural Photographer
You put tons of effort into creating great projects, but do you employ photography that best represents your exquisite designs? Do your images compare to those in international design magazines? This program will explain the difference between hiring a Photographer and hiring an “Architectural Photographer.” Translating your vision into imagery is a detailed process that directs the viewer’s eye to what you want them to see. Whether exteriors or interiors, you’ll learn how some get it wrong and how to avoid those mistakes. Learn from a Certified Professional Photographer with a dual career as an architectural designer.
Lights, Camera, Design: The Power of Visual Storytelling for Effective Design Marketing0.1 CEUsAnton Benedikt, Founder/Lead Photographer & Filmmaker
In the world of design marketing, visual storytelling is a powerful tool that can elevate your brand and captivate your audience. In this presentation, I’d like to delve into the art of crafting compelling narratives through photos and videos. We will explore the various avenues where high-quality photos and videos can be utilized to maximize marketing efforts. Discover how to go beyond portfolio pieces and unlock the full potential of your media across platforms such as website portfolios, brand videos, pitches, blogs, social media, publication submissions, award submissions, client consultations, print, and advertisements. Throughout the presentation, we will also go into the essence of storytelling and its role in design marketing. Learn how to create a cohesive narrative that seamlessly weaves through a designer’s diverse projects while still highlighting the unique qualities of each one. I’ll guide designers through the end-to-end process of capturing stunning photos and videos, including the importance of pre-production planning, executing the plan on-site, and harnessing the power of post-production editing. By the end of this session, designers will walk away with actionable insights and tangible takeaways, such as learning different storytelling techniques, understanding how to effectively leverage photography and filming for marketing purposes, and gaining a deeper appreciation for the value of partnering with a specialist in interior photography and video.
Managing Expectations of Your Next Prospect0.1 CEUsBrian Javeline, President
Managing expectations of a future prospect is critical. Too many get agitated since they feel clients will pressure them based on price or a self-imposed completion date. There are many tactics you can use in order to enhance the value of the service you provide, and have future clients willing to wait their turn on your terms. Do not struggle trying to justify your price and availability. Do not worry about those who will not contact you when they are really not your ideal client. Ensure to have the correct marketing topics in place where you can calmly explain the cost of your services and when you can deliver on your promises. It’s all about your Brand and the desire for More Quality Leads. Managing expectations in the right manner supplements the objective of getting the right mix of future customers.
Stand Out in the Market With Your Custom Cabinet Lines.05 CEUsJessica Curry, CKD, Owner and Designer
As cabinet dealers we’ve all come up against the negativity clients or builders may express about manufactured cabinets simply because they are not built in house. The goal of this session is to take away the stigma that makes our cabinets and kitchens seem inferior. While there are varying levels of cabinetry lines, some that are less or more custom than others. Many of the products that professional kitchen and bath designers sell/design with can provide a truly custom end result. Learn strategies to put yourself in front of your potential clients that will value your partnered relationships with cabinet companies. Sell with confidence and stand behind your products. There’s no one more in tune with design capabilities, unique woods, finishes, or material of the products than you are as a designer, it’s time we use that to your advantage! Once we can educate our clients on the benefits of working with an active NKBA member designer or certified designer from start to finish, it will be hard for them to say no. Designers see the big picture, and while the cabinetry is an important part of the design process, we also care about the flow clearances and aesthetics of the whole room and all the pieces and how they work together.
5 Money-Making Secrets of Social Media0.1 CEUsLiza Hausman, Vice President of Industry Marketing, and Danny Wang, Principal Designer
What’s the secret to not only building a huge following on social media but to turning it into a real money-maker? Danny Wang, President of DW Development and Principal Designer of Danny Wang Design, will spill the tea to Houzz vice president of Industry Marketing, Liza Hausman, about his proven social strategies and tactics, covering everything from how to grow your followers (Danny has 2+ million on IG alone) to how to secure brand deals and make them lucrative. Danny will also talk about the time and effort it takes to do social marketing right, and he will give tips on and examples of how he uses technology to run his business more efficiently so he can carve out the time needed to grow his renovation project and other revenue streams.
Magnify Your Marketing0.1 CEUsAnthony Milia, Owner
It’s critical for small- to mid-sized businesses to understand their customers and ensure that their experience is consistently positive, whether it’s online or on-site. Join Award-winning marketer and author, Anthony Milia, for an action-packed session to learn the dos and don’ts of marketing to form a strategy for bringing in new customers and keeping current customers coming back. What we will cover: common marketing mistakes and how to avoid them, best practices for creating a consistent customer experience, how to reach new customers and developing a marketing strategy for customer retention.
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