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NKBA Certifications

Distinguish yourself by being an NKBA-certified professional with expert knowledge and experience of kitchen and bath design, guidelines and standards. Being NKBA certified demonstrates to prospective clients and employers that you are a verified kitchen and bath specialist, with the in-depth skills and training to give you a competitive edge – and a leading voice – in the industry.


A Certified Kitchen & Bath Designer (CKBD) specializes in the design, planning and execution of residential kitchens and bathrooms. CKBD designers must demonstrate that they have the knowledge, skills and experience necessary to design and document residential kitchen and bath solutions. In addition, they must possess the advanced communication skills required to succeed as a kitchen and bath design professional.

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The Certified Master Kitchen & Bath Designer (CMKBD) is the pinnacle of our industry’s certification and recognizes extraordinary kitchen and bath experience and achievements. CMKBD candidates must possess a CKBD certification for a minimum six (6) years and meet specific education and industry work experience.

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Why Become NKBA Certified?

Professional Recognition

An NKBA Certification sets you apart as a leader in the kitchen and bath industry, someone who has specialized qualifications that have been tested and proven through experience and rigorous testing.

Competitive Edge

Your NKBA Certification will set you apart from competitors, positioning you as a trusted and verified expert in the kitchen and bath field. This certification demonstrates to potential clients that you have the experience to successfully design, plan and install beautiful, code-compliant kitchens and baths.

Expert Knowledge

NKBA Certification is achieved through in-depth testing, ongoing education and industry experience. Holding an NKBA Certification shows consumers and prospective employers that your specialized skills have been validated through an independent, continuous evaluation.

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