The Ellen Cheever Student Certification Scholarship is awarded to deserving NKBA student members at NKBA Affiliated Schools who are pursuing a course of study related to the kitchen and bath industry. One student in both fall and spring semesters may be selected by the program coordinator or educator to receive the AKBD Grad Pack. Click here to download the information guide.

AKBD Grad Pack

Scholarship recipients receive the AKBD Grad Pack which includes:

AKBD Certification
  • NKBA Knowledge Base (1-year subscription)
  • AKBD application and exam fee
  • AKBD online practice exam
  • 30 educational hours of on-demand exam prep courses
  • Certification study guide
  • Exam prep flashcards
  • NKBA Kitchen & Bathroom Planning Guidelines
  • Shipping and handling in the US and Canada

Things to Consider

When picking a scholarship recipient, program coordinators/educators should consider the student’s desire to pursue NKBA certification, financial need, internship/work experience and volunteerism.

Submission Process

The online form below should be completed by the program coordinator/educator with all fields filled in including a 1000-character maximum testimonial of why the recipient is deserving of the scholarship. Submissions must be entered by December 1st for the fall semester and May 1st for the spring semester.


To be eligible, the scholarship recipient must be an NKBA student member and a full-time student in good standing finishing their degree or certificate at an NKBA Affiliated School in the current or next semester.

Ellen Cheever

Ellen Cheever, CMKBD, ASID, CAPS, CLIPP, has been in the kitchen and bath industry for nearly 50 years. A longtime dedicated member of NKBA, Cheever is renowned in the industry as a designer, author, educator and researcher. She has taught countless designers and related industry professionals the art and science of kitchen and bathroom planning and design.

Graduates may be considered eligible to take the AKBD exam without meeting the two-year kitchen/ bath industry minimum experience requirement if they: graduate with a college degree in kitchen/bath design, interior design, architecture or construction management. Typically, a two-year associate degree equates to one year of industry experience while a four-year bachelor’s degree equates to three years of experience. Official college transcripts must be submitted to NKBA to determine actual experience equivalent. To learn more about AKBD, click here