How To Become A

Finish Carpenter

What Do Finish Carpenters Do?

Finish carpenters create beautiful detailing in kitchens and bathrooms through the craft of woodworking.

Guided by their appreciation for wood, finish carpenters use power tools to cut, shape and install things like baseboards, molding, doors, and cabinets.

Finish Carpenter Hourly Wage


Median wage source: PayScale, Indeed,

Finish Carpenter Skill Set

Basic Math

Problem Solving


Manual Dexterity

Finish Carpenter Working Conditions

Physically Demanding

Multiple Locations



How to Become a Finish Carpenter: Education and Training

Becoming a finish carpenter starts with learning the basics of building construction. You continue to hone the craft over time.

Things to Keep After High School

Apprenticeship: Get paid while you learn. An apprenticeship allows you to spend 2-3 years working under the guidance of a veteran carpenter while earning money and hands-on job training needed to work in the field.

Vocational Program: Earn a certificate in carpentry from a community college or union-sponsored training program to learn in a more formal setting.

Associate’s Degree: An Associate’s Degree in construction management can start you on the path to owning a business.

Specialized Training: Carpentry is described as one trade with many crafts. Finish carpenters spend years mastering their specialty through practicum and additional training experience.

In addition, some jurisdictions may require certification or a license to perform carpentry work.