Scope Out a Career With Exciting Jobs and Great Earning Potential!

Are you a recent graduate or currently in school? Are you creative, hands-on, and do you have a passion for design? Does the thought of sitting behind a desk for the next 40 years gives you the shakes?

Let the National Kitchen and Bath Association help you channel your talents toward exciting career opportunities in the kitchen and bath design and remodeling industry. There are lots of stimulating, creative jobs — and high demand for well-trained, highly skilled professionals — in this lucrative industry.

You can give yourself a big head-start by joining the NKBA as a student member. It’s the best way to get insider info and helpful advice from pros already thriving in the business, and search for an internship or job at the best companies in the business. Put yourself on the fast track to a rewarding career — work for a design firm, in showrooms or clients’ homes, or start your own company.

Looking at the Future

Revenue in the kitchen and bath industry is seven times greater than that of the movie and music recording industries combined — at nearly $150 billion!

And that’s only getting bigger — the demographics are in your favor. There is and will continue to be a high demand for kitchen and bath designers, as the nation’s 75 million Baby Boomers age. This group has the financial wherewithal to remodel their kitchens — more than 36% of empty nesters today opt for kitchen projects — and many will need to redo their baths to accommodate physical limitations as they get older. Baby Boomers may be downsizing to smaller spaces, but they still want great design and creature comforts.

Another growth area is sustainability, with the green movement motivating many homeowners to remodel to reduce electricity and water use — so they’ll need savvy designers and craftsmen who are well-versed in highly efficient systems and products.

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

In the past decade, 5 million new professional services positions were added to the economy, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics — and more are expected in the years ahead. And kitchen and bath design and remodeling is an employment category that can’t be automated or outsourced. Jobs are on-site and hands-on — and certified kitchen and bath designers carry the credibility to earn more income than non-certified designers.

Required Education

Attending an NKBA-affiliated kitchen and bath design program assures employers that you have specialized knowledge. A growing slate of colleges and universities offer programs that earn the NKBA’s approval.