Welcome to NKBA’s Online Education Community, The Educators Exchange!

At the National Kitchen & Bath Association, we believe in empowerment through sharing knowledge, and that we are stronger when we all work together.

This online forum encourages participation in a community tailored to educators and provides the inside scoop on the latest trends in kitchen and bath education. As a professional at an NKBA Affiliated School, you’ll have the opportunity to share best practices in education and throughout the industry, as well as participate in networking opportunities with other schools and with NKBA’s 70 professional chapters across North America.

Educators at Affiliated Schools may also utilize an employment portal, attend educator-focused meetings — both in-person and virtual — as well as take advantage of the Educators Exchange, Live! event at KBIS, which will provide opportunities for professional discourse with educators and activities designed to encourage industry-specific professional development distinctly relative to you as an educator.

If you are interested in participating, or have not yet received your credentials, please email schools@nkba.org.