NKBA Certification Journey

Preparatory Courses

The NKBA offers certification prep courses for aspiring AKBDs and CKBDs. Recommended for individuals preparing for the certification exams, these courses offer participants a time-effective way to review the competencies and skills required of a certified designer, including the NKBA Graphic and Presentation Standards and Kitchen & Bath Planning Guidelines. The prep courses offer practice academic and design exams, and are available online.

NKBA Professional Resource Library

Whether you’re planning to become NKBA certified or want to expand your skills, the NKBA Professional Resource Library is the core body of knowledge for the kitchen and bath industry. All AKBD exam questions are drawn from the Professional Resource Library. To purchase your set, click here.

NKBA Exam Prep Flashcards

Based on all nine volumes of the NKBA Professional Resource Library (Second Edition) and the Kitchen & Bathroom Planning Guidelines, NKBA Exam Prep Flashcards are an excellent tool to help candidates prepare for the AKBD and CKBD certification exams.

Available in the NKBA Store is an updated boxed flashcard set that includes over 1,000 flashcards based on all 9 volumes of the NKBA Professional Resource Library and the NKBA Kitchen & Bathroom Planning Guidelines with Access Standards.

NKBA Certification Study Guide

The NKBA Certification Study Guide provides exam overview, study tips and practice exams to help candidates prepare for the AKBD and CKBD exams.

  • Member: $50.00

To order through the NKBA online store, click here.

AKBD Bundle Package

Save over $150 and start your path to NKBA Certification today with the AKBD Bundle Package — everything you need to prepare for the AKBD Exam in one easy purchase, including exam fees. You will receive the NKBA Professional Resource Library, 30 hours of prep courses, flashcards as well as a study guide and a practice test to determine your readiness to sit for the exam. Click here to learn more.

Study Groups

NKBA chapters often have a certified member who will organize and conduct study groups for the AKBD and CKBD examinations. These study groups help candidates prepare for the exam and improve the pass rate of examinees. Study group formats vary from three (3) to ten (10) months because they are conducted individually by each NKBA chapter. To find out if your chapter is or will be conducting an AKBD or CKBD Study Group, contact your local chapter’s Membership Chair or President. To find your local NKBA chapter, click here.

For more study materials and resources, visit the NKBA online store.