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posted on Apr. 05, 2020, at 7:00 a.m.

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NKBA is allowing recorded webinars to qualify for CEUs through June 30. By Dianne M. Pogoda

With government-mandated social distancing in place across most of the nation, in-person NKBA chapter meetings have been cancelled. This eliminates a popular way for certified designers to earn Continuing Education Units necessary to maintain their certification.

Typically, the one-hour presentations by NKBA-approved speakers at chapter meetings qualify for .1 CEU, and designers must attend in person to receive credit.

Owing to the extraordinary circumstances brought on by the pandemic, however, NKBA will allow views of recorded webinars or NKBA Live sessions on YouTube to qualify for CEUs. Certified designers are required to accumulate 20 CEUs during a two-year cycle,  with the current cycle ending June 30.

NKBA currently has 17 recorded webinar sessions on YouTube, qualifying for .1 CEU each, available here.

The new NKBA Live, “Brave New Business” series launched April 2 also qualifies for CEUs. These free, online forums will take place every Thursday at 2 pm (Eastern) and feature experts on a particular topic in a panel-discussion format. The forums will vary in length, but will be at least a half-hour, therefore qualifying for a minimum .05 (half-hour) credit.

As always, free live webinars are available each month that qualify for CEUs. April’s webinars are themed “Sustainable Living and Design” and sponsored by Geberit. May’s theme is “Modern Lighting.” June’s webinars, sponsored by Amerock, are focused on “Color and Style Trends.” These themes are all topics of NKBA’s three newest Specialty Badges. In all, there are still 14 live webinars available up to the June 30 deadline to help meet the CEU requirement. To view and register for NKBA webinars, visit the Store at here.

Recorded webinar and forum views will be acceptable only until the end of this cycle to support NKBA members during this difficult time.

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