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posted on Jun. 26, 2019, at 9:00 a.m.

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July’s webinars complement the creative with business acumen. By Dianne M. Pogoda

Having an eye for just the right backsplash or conjuring the perfect cabinet layout are critical components of a designer’s arsenal. But an equally important ingredient — and key to a successful business — is having the financial savvy and operational sophistication to make it all run smoothly.

July’s series features five sessions focused on business management. Each month, NKBA offers free 60-minute webinars, each of which features a presentation by an expert in the specific subject matter, delivered via a virtual platform. The sessions offer certified participants 0.1 CEU per event — it’s an easy way to collect the CEUs needed to maintain NKBA certification. Participants must engage in 80 percent of the sessions to receive CEU credit; registration closes two hours prior to start times. All times listed are Eastern.

Starting the series on July 2 at noon, Victoria Downing, president of Remodelers Advantage, will present How Do You Compare: Performance Metrics of the High Performers.” She will discuss best practices in sales, marketing, people management, strategic planning and other key business points, by reviewing real-life examples of successful small businesses. Downing will highlight the strategies used by top-performing businesses, and describe the actions that low performers can take to improve their performance. In the end, she says, most business problems are common to many enterprises, and can be overcome with proven practices.

To register for “How Do You Compare: Performance Metrics of the High Performers” click here.

Next up, on July 10 at noon, learn about Communicating and Presenting Designs to Build Value.” Duane Becker territory sales manager for Elkay Manufacturing Co., points out that understanding what motivates consumers to buy as well as what not to buy is critical to providing value to the client — and ensuring that the client perceives this as valuable. This webinar is designed to help kitchen and bath designers communicate with their clients to build trust. Becker will review consumer motivation and thinking during the sales process, techniques for effective selling by phone and email to get results, and how to present the design in a way that builds value in the project, makes the overall price less relevant and compels the customer to move ahead with their project.

To register for “Communicating and Presenting Designs to Build Value,” click here.

On July 18 at noon, Catherine Davin, principal and owner of Davin Interiors, will help small-business owners bring their businesses to the next level of success with “Your Business and Your Life – Playing a Bigger Game.” Davin addresses feelings of being overwhelmed and frustrated in a small business and illustrates ways to affect positive changes. She will identify business processes and team issues, and share insights about shifting perceptions and practices to make improvements. To register for “Your Business and Your Life – Playing a Bigger Game,” click here.

Change is a normal part of running a business, but it can still be intimidating. On July 23 at noon, Debby Mayberry, professional development specialist for NKBA, will present “Your Kitchen & Bath Business: Managing Change with Your Clients & Colleagues.” From systems, materials and processes to vendors, resources and building codes, change is all around the K&B industry, and clients depend upon the professionals to deal with it. In this session, Mayberry will discuss the importance of setting the right expectations, building trust and enhancing short-term wins. She’ll illustrate how to use the Change Curve, a tool that helps asses where others are in the change process, and how to use that information to plan a communication strategy designed to help move clients (or colleagues) through their frustrations. To register for “Your Kitchen & Bath Business: Managing Change with Your Clients & Colleagues,” click here.

Finally, on July 25 at 3 p.m., Fred Reikowsky, principal of Legacy Business Leaders ,will talk about “Developing a High-Performance Team: Mobilizing and Inspiring Your People.” This webinar tackles the “people challenge” head-on, delivering relevant strategies and leadership skills needed to build a high-performance team. From positioning yourself as a trusted brand, to knowing what to say to inspire the team while maintaining clear lines of accountability, attendees will take away real-time tools to be put into practice immediately. They’ll gain a clear understanding of how an organization’s culture either attracts or repels talented people and trade partners, how to recruit, hire and keep them; develop and implement key leadership and communication skills crucial to engaging and keeping key players happy while maintaining a culture of accountability, and structure and implement effective compensation strategies that attract, reward and motivate great people. To register for “Developing a High-Performance Team: Mobilizing and Inspiring Your People,” click here.

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