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posted on Oct. 23, 2018, at 9:00 a.m.

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It’s way more than a buzzword. By Dianne M. Pogoda

Sustainability is a trendy topic in many areas of manufacturing, design and all areas of the supply chain these days — but in many instances, it’s difficult to figure out exactly what it means.

Is it efficient? Eco-friendly? Using renewable resources? Healthy living? All of the above? November’s free webinar series will explore all of these possibilities — and then some.

This year, Geberit, a leading manufacturer of plumbing and sanitary products and systems, has sponsored the webinar series for the months of September, October and November.

“NKBA’s webinars are highly focused learning opportunities for professional designers who want to bring their clients a better quality of life,” said Ronn Jefferson, Geberit product manager.“Topics like Sustainable Design are of special importance to Geberit, since we are always looking for new ways to contribute in these areas. We’re excited to help the NKBA shine a spotlight on these topics, and we can’t wait to participate!”

First up, on Nov. 7 at 12 noon (Eastern Time), Karen Warner, AKBD, CAPS, owner of Karen Warner Design LLC, will present “Approaches to Sustainable Design,” which will provide a foundation for understanding sustainability. In the realm of the kitchen and bath industry, “sustainable design” can have a broad range of meanings. On one level, sustainable kitchens and baths should use materials in ways that ensure the lasting existence of natural resources. On other levels, though, “sustainable design” offers unique opportunities to impact clients and communities in various positive and innovative ways.

This webinar will provide ways to consider what it means to think about, design for, and discuss “sustainability” as an industry professional. Warner will discuss benefits and challenges involved with implementing sustainable design, as well as different frameworks and resources that can help us shape our own approaches to sustainability. After this session, attendees will be able to explain the broader implications for designing more sustainably; discuss the advantages of thinking sustainably and learn why it’s important to have this discussion with clients early in the design process, and Identify different frameworks, guidelines, and resources that can help shape your own approach to and learning about sustainability. To register for this session, click here.

On Nov. 8 at 12 noon (Eastern Time), is “Sustainable Design: How Beauty, Health, and Functionality Work in Today’s Interiors,” presented by Leslie Burns, AKBD, CAPS, LEED AP, owner of Leslie Burns Design.

At one time, sustainability in design was considered somewhat of a novelty. Today, it has become part of the lexicon and is now expected by clients and should be part of designers’  best practices.  This session will explore the concept of sustainable design, the “Three E’s” of sustainability and ways to communicate to and educate clients. Attendees will learn ways  to help clients create healthy, functional living spaces; identify the concepts of sustainable design and why it’s so important, and modify and adapt practices that will help create a sustainably minded business. To register for this webinar, click here.

Next, on Nov. 14at 12 noon (Eastern Time),Joe Cain, president of Mio Metals, will present “Sustainable Kitchens: What More Can We Do?” He’ll take an in-depth look at the state of the environment and what steps designers and manufacturers can take to reduce the impact and environmental footprint of homes. This will include a study on energy usage, greenhouse gas emissions and best practices gleaned from other countries.  Additionally, this webinar will include an overview on frameworks for companies including B corporations, LEED certification and product lifecycle evaluation.

Attendees will learn to evaluate the steps to take to reduce environmental impact during the design and manufacture phase of residential building; discover ways to incorporate best practices and sustainable business principles, and apply sustainable design expertise in kitchen projects. To register for this webinar, click here.

Finally, on Nov.29 at 3 p.m. (Eastern Time), Brigitte Dillman-Cruce, curriculum specialist for sustainability at Kohler Co., will host “Residential Kitchen & Bath Design: Sustainability and Performance.” This webinar will consider Earth’s finite resources, especially fresh water, which is under ever-increasing constraints. By choosing more efficient, eco-friendly fixtures and following sustainable building and product design programs, designers can have a positive impact on this global issue without sacrificing current lifestyles. Dillman-Cruce will review these issues and discuss sustainability programs, environmentally favorable products, and design choices that can have a positive impact on our communities and planet.

Attendees will learn to identify current resource constraints and basic residential water conservation measures and practices; summarize major sustainable U.S. building programs and their specific requirements regarding water, and identify plumbing solutions that offer consumers sustainable choices without sacrificing performance or aesthetics. To register for this session, click here.

Every month, NKBA offers free 60-minute webinars, each of which features a presentation by an expert in the specific subject matter, delivered via a virtual platform. The sessions offer the attending certified participants 0.1 CEU per event — it’s an easy way to collect the CEUs needed to maintain NKBA certification. Participants must engage in 80 percent of the sessions to receive CEU credit; registration closes two hours prior to start times.

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