The Member Advantage: Peter Salerno, CMKBD

posted on May. 31, 2018, at 9:00 a.m.

NKBA Staff

By Loren Kessell

Brand leveraging in the design industry allows designers to strengthen their clientele. The NKBA’s reimagined website aims to increase its members’ online visibility to other professionals as well as to consumers to help generate business leads. Peter Salerno, CMKBD, owner of Peter Salerno Inc., Wyckoff, N.J., utilizes his profile for extra exposure. Salerno’s been an NKBA member since 1990, and he regularly attends chapter meetings.

“I think every member should invest their time and energy to complete their profile,” Salerno said. “This is another avenue to bring potential clients to your business — why pass up the opportunity?”

Peter Salerno

He spoke with NKBA about some of his professional experiences:

NKBA: What do you consider to be the best benefits of your membership?

PS: The best benefits have been the exposure to cutting-edge products in our industry. This availability of information can better my skills as a high-end designer.

NKBA: How has your chapter benefited you?

PS: The chapter meetings are helpful to keep current on products as well as sharpening my skills as a businessman and designer.

NKBA: What are some specific chapter events and presentations find to be worthwhile?

PS: The chapter events that I find to be the most beneficial are the ones that help me in my everyday sales and designing. The seminar on new lighting and the evaluation of the light bulbs and fixtures was very informative. I also found the presentation on the use of porcelain slabs on floors, walls and countertops relevant. “How to sell to Millennials” was a great presentation, it helped me create a strategy for a new target market.

NKBA: What do you love about KBIS?

PS: I love the energy at KBIS, the product education, the professional education, the networking, reconnecting with my friends in the industry and meeting the new generation of designers. I look forward to it every year.

NKBA: What are some positive experiences at KBIS that stand out for you?

PS: The positive experience at KBIS comes from leaving the show with at least one great idea. That idea can be implemented the day I return to work. It may come from a seminar I attended or a product that impressed me. One year, after speaking to Gary Vaynerchuk, a keynote speaker, I came back from KBIS and started my blog. It was a great addition to my social media marketing strategy.

NKBA: How do you share your knowledge? Have you ever been a VFTI speaker or considered becoming one?

PS: I would enjoy being a speaker. I just did a presentation at the Mid-Atlantic Chapter Meeting in Princeton. It was standing-room-only. I received such a wonderful response, it got me thinking: why not share my 36 years of experience with the next generation of designers?

NKBA: What other important aspects of having a complete profile would you like to share?

PS: The NKBA profile is a great way to show the world your work with a great portfolio. Your photographs will show the consumer your talent and design skills.

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