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posted on Feb. 22, 2018, at 3:47 p.m.

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In-depth explorations into the size of the market, key design trends and a detailed report on cabinetry for kitchen and bath are among the association’s latest studies.

By Dianne M. Pogoda

In its continuing drive to inform and empower the residential kitchen and bath industry, NKBA conducts extensive market research that helps shape the business strategy of manufacturers and retailers as well as guide designers about industry-leading trends, concepts that are emerging as well as design ideas that are falling out of favor.

In addition to its annual design trends and size of market surveys, NKBA has fielded a product-specific study for the first time, delving into the market for kitchen and bathroom cabinetry.

Market Outlook Shows Double-Digit Growth

At KBIS 2018, the association revealed the results of its second annual Market Outlook study, which placed the value of the kitchen and bath industry at $147.3 billion. This represents products only — exclusive of labor and design services — purchased for remodeling and new construction in the sector for 2016. The figure shows a 10% growth in sales from 2015, when the benchmark study revealed sales of $134.1 billion.

“This dramatic double-digit spike in just one year is a testament to the health of this key industry,” said Bill Darcy, NKBA’s chief executive officer. “It’s a vibrant and growing segment of the economy, and based on our research, our projections indicate that it will continue to thrive. NKBA has devoted significant funding and resources to market research and analysis, which is a critical part of our mission to serve our membership and provide the industry with vital data that will help in developing business strategies and plans.”

In addition, the study projected growth in this sector would continue for 2017 and 2018, with the size of the market expected to rise more than 10% to $163 billion in 2017, and another 9.3% in 2018 to reach $178 billion.

Design Trends Point to Farmhouse and Contemporary Style

NKBA’s 2018 Design Trends Survey revealed sleek, contemporary styling; rustic farmhouse flavor, and the transitional styling that’s characterized by a mix of clean lines and delicate curves style as dominant for the year ahead.

At the same time, more traditional looks are on the way out after years of dominance.

In kitchen design, the survey says clients are opting for clean, minimalist, and modern looks with a touch of luxury, in both remodeling projects or new construction. Similarly, in bath design, transitional and contemporary styling is extremely popular among homeowners. For the second straight year, traditional looks follow in third place.

Since its inception in 1963, NKBA has been tracking trends in design. The survey provides detailed descriptions in numerous categories, from choices in surfaces and countertop materials, appliances to color schemes, faucet styles, cabinetry construction, sink styles, the penetration of smart technology in kitchens and baths, and much more.

“Our annual study delving into the finer points of kitchen and bath design will prove invaluable to designers, remodelers and other professionals as they guide their clients in selecting products and materials to complete their dream kitchens and baths,” said Darcy. “This comprehensive survey provides tremendous understanding into the directional trends that are so important in the design process. It’s part of NKBA’s commitment to thought leadership across the industry and to providing detailed analysis through extensive market research to serve our membership.”

Cabinetry: A $30 Billion Market

The most recent research is a detailed analysis into the cabinetry markets for the kitchen and bath. It’s the first time the association has taken its analytical efforts narrow and deep on a specific product category. NKBA partnered with The Farnsworth Group to conduct this comprehensive study, which provides in-depth coverage of kitchen and bathroom cabinetry at national and regional levels.​

Among the highlights, the research shows the total market value of cabinetry in the U.S. in 2017 reached $30.3 billion, of which $19.9 billion is for the kitchen and $10.4 billion is for the bath. This includes residential new construction as well as remodeling projects.

“This deep dive into the cabinetry market provides important insight into style and construction preferences, brand awareness, how consumers and professionals research and shop for cabinets and so much more,” said Darcy. “The data will help professionals in kitchen and bath design and remodeling understand the business and style trends shaping these sectors, and give manufacturers key findings that will help prepare them for the year ahead.”

Some key takeaways are that furniture-style cabinets and vanities are trending ahead of built-in cabinetry for the bathroom, selected by 53% of homeowners and professionals alike. Built-in cabinet styles, however, are preferred in the kitchen. Framed cabinets dominate frameless in both rooms.

Researchers conducted 2,766 interviews among builders, remodelers/general contractors, residential property owners/managers and homeowners, and collected data on market size, product specification, information resources, key drivers of product selection, purchasing behavior and other elements.

Four components to the full Residential Cabinetry study are available for purchase at nkba.org: national reports for kitchen and bath, and regional breakdowns for both categories.

A Robust Market

The U.S. residential construction market was estimated at $600.4 billion in 2016, up nearly 9% over 2015. This total includes $303.4 billion from the construction of new homes and $297 billion from residential remodeling and replacement projects. The overall kitchen and bath segment accounts for about 25 percent of overall residential construction — a key component of the overall economy — proving that the vitality of the kitchen and bath industry is crucial to the fiscal health of the nation.

For more information on NKBA’s market research and how to obtain downloads of the surveys and executive summaries, visit NKBA.org.

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