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Your key to navigating North America’s kitchen and bath industry.

The NKBA Global Connect Subscription Program provides the market knowledge, business insights and advice you need to suceed in North America.

The Benefits

explore the North American market with confidence and ease. A Global Connect subscription grants you access to valuable insights, leading research, expert advice and more.

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NKBA Proprietary Market Research

Stay ahead with proprietary American market reports examining the latest data and trends.

Independent Advisors

Receive personalized guidance and support from subject matter experts specializing in fields like marketing, taxes and logistics.

Industry Insights

Make informed decisions and better understand the global market with whitepapers, articles, webinars, newsletters and videos.

VIP Events

Attend exclusive NKBA Global Connect Events with complimentary admission for two.

KBIS Kickstarter 

Get all the marketing support you need to successfully launch your brand at KBIS, the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show.

NKBA Promotional Programs 

Let the NKBA member community know you’re ready to do business with a robust email and social media campaign. 

NKBA Market Research

The NKBA has a dedicated staff of internal and external resources devoted to fielding proprietary kitchen and bath market research designed to uncover the trends, benchmark and track industry data and understand market sentiment and actions.

The Kitchen & Bath Market Index (KBMI)

Developed by the NKBA and John Burns Real Estate Consulting, the Kitchen & Bath Market Index tracks the health of the kitchen and bath market on a quarterly basis. This data gives marketers a real time perspective.

Annual Market Research Studies

The NKBA, in collaboration with John Burns Real Estate Consulting, produces an annual deep dive into the residential construction market including new construction, remodeling and kitchen and bath segments. The report is updated annually and posted in the first quarter.

Additionally, the NKBA Design Trends Report is produced annually. This report tracks shifts in design and product trends. It is a must read for product and industrial designers as well as marketers.

Specialty Market Research Reports

The NKBA Market Research team regularly produces specialty reports released when analysts see patterns around a particular subject or product category. Areas recently addressed include Outdoor Kitchen Trends, Technology in the Kitchen & Bath, Lifestyle Influences on Design and Cabinetry Trends.

The Experts

Get the information you need to understand and explore North America’s kitchen and bath market.

NKBA Global Connect Advisors

The NKBA has selected and vetted a group of independent industry experts available for consultation on key topics vital to the success of doing business in the USA.
These experts are available to consult on an hourly, daily or short-term basis. Each advisor will establish terms of engagement with NKBA Global Subscribers on a case by case basis. All have first-hand experience with marketers doing business in the North American kitchen and bath space.*

Areas of expertise:

Sales Force Development

Understand the options and opportunities to build an effective sales force, such as utilizing factory or independent representatives or a hybrid approach.

Distribution Channels

Learn about and evaluate multiple distribution options, from partnering with a master distributor to evaluating direct-to-consumer showroom strategies.

Marketing & Branding

Review current positioning and messaging schemes; evaluate target audiences, product and pricing portfolios, and understand the planning process for strategic marketing.

Market Research

Determine research needs, dig into product and price sensitivity, compare regional and national design trends, frame market opportunities and understand audience profiles.

Legal & Finance

Financial advice on taxes, duties, American GAAP, as well as legal insights on setting up business as a domestic entity, contracts, intellectual property and trademarks.

Design Trends, Product Design & Licensing

Creative critique and direction on product development, line reviews, materials and finishes, including licensing opportunities and procedures.

Code Compliance & Testing

Guidance on independent testing protocols, timing and processes; insights into various testing labs and roles.

Business Management

Advice and insights on designing your North American business strategy, including core team-building and recommendations for collaborations and strategic alliances.

Get Connected

The NKBA Global Connect Subscription benefits include access to NKBA proprietary market research, economic data and insights, subject matter experts and advisors, VIP industry events and newsletters and limited promotional support around NKBA Global Connect initiatives.

Subscriptions are limited to two (2) seats/subscription and may be renewed annually. The price is $5,500 annually.

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Global Connect Subscription Plan Annual Price

$5,500.00 USD

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* The Advisory Council is intended to provide a starting point for your expansion or entrance into the American Market. The Advisory Council is not comprehensive. Inclusion does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by the National Kitchen & Bath Association. We strongly recommend that you perform your own due diligence investigation and background research on any company. We assume no responsibility for the professional ability or integrity of the providers listed. We reserve the right not to list any particular company.