Georgia Chapter

Design of Distinction Awards - Update 7/7/2020

119 days ago

Hello NKBA - Georgia Chapter,


During this pandemic, your Council and volunteer committees have worked hard to inspire us through these times, and to find ways to give back to our membership and industry.   Our intention is to lead with optimism in our planning in hopes to be ready for when our community can come back together in person.  

However, it appears that we have been overly optimistic in regards to our Designs of Distinction Awards in 2020.  Out of respect for our members’ safety, and in the efforts of doing our part to stop the spread of COVID-19, we are going to postpone this year’s awards gala.  

I want to personally thank everyone on this year’s Designs of Distinction Awards Committee: 

Candice Keilin, Candice LePorte, Glenda May, Jennifer Prins, Antonette Copeland, Ann McCaskey, Leslie Coe, Lisa Brooks, Melissa Hagerty, Rod Moran, Sheri Gold, and Trudy McGinnis.   

Each one of you has brought so much to the table with your passion and creativity in working hard towards taking this event to the next level.  Thank you.

I am honored to have worked with everyone on this year’s committee, and want to invite the 2020 committee, and anyone else to help start planning 2021 on September 10th of this year for a 4pm zoom call (just send an email to to rsvp).

I’m also happy and proud to announce that we have already secured our 2021 date, so save the date for October 14th, 2021!   Plus, be ready to turn in projects starting in January of 2021!

Thank you all for working with us during these times. I speak for the entire council in saying that we all feel blessed to be a part of such a great & caring community.  Take care, and please feel free to reach out to me personally with any questions pertaining to the Designs of Distinction Awards.  




David Leonard

Designs of Distinction Chair 2018 - present

NKBA-Georgia Chapter Communications Chair 2017- present

Associate Publisher of My Home Improvement Magazine

NBKA-Georgia Council 

Antonette Copeland, President

Jennifer Prins- Membership

Glenda May - Treasurer/Secretary 

Ann McCasky - Programs