Signature Kitchen Suite has launched a broadened portfolio of culinary innovations that enhances the brand’s award-winning line of built-in luxury appliances. The expanded collection started rolling out in June, and includes new pro rangetops and wall ovens, featuring SKS’s innovative sous vide technology. A new induction cooktop and microwave oven drawer will be available later this summer.

The expanded collections include:

  • Pro RangetopsAvailable in the 36-inch and 48-inch sizes, these models are the first dual-fuel cooktops with built-in sous vide that delivers precision cooking, precise temperature control within one-degree of setpoint – without the need for a circulator – thanks to a hermetically and magnetically sealed lid. Ultra-High™ Burners provide powerful gas cooking functionality for better searing and quick stir frying — 23K BTUs for the 48-inch model and 18K BTU output for the 36-inch rangetop. The Ultra-Low™ Burners simmer down to maintain temperatures as low as 100 degrees to prepare delicate sauces and sugary confections. The two-zone induction area can also be used for a teppanyaki plate or larger cookware.
  • “Flex” Induction CooktopThe center burner has 7,000 watts of power and a 12-inch dual-center elementthat can boil a quart of water in about a minute. From a small pan to a large griddle, the Flex Cooking Zone combines elements to easily accommodate any cookware. With four inductors, each zone can provide up to 3,700 watts of power. When combined with a Signature Kitchen Suite pro-style hood, the innovative Wi-Fi feature lets the cooktop and hood communicate with each other, so the elements and fans are synchronized.
  • Built-In Single and Double Wall OvensA combination of ultimate cooking modalities yields gourmet results. The convection system cooks food quickly and evenly, while the steam helps to preserve texture, appearance and taste. This oven also showcases a steam sous vide cooking mode,which allows users to enjoy sous vide results right in the oven without the need for preheating.  The SpeedClean™ function makes fast work of cleaning a lightly-soiled oven with just a 10-minute cycle, using only water.
  • Microwave DrawerThis built-in, 1.2-cubic-foot drawer provides plenty of room to heat large items like casserole dishes and dinner platters. The Easy Touch automatic drawer system allows users to open the microwave with a gentle pull or the touch of a button, and it shuts smoothly with a small nudge. The even gliding action and solid construction help prevent liquids from spilling during opening and closing. An elegant design with sleek glass touch controls completes the look.

A recent study conducted by the Research Institute for Cooking & Kitchen Intelligence reveals that kitchen designers have seen increased demand for dual-fuel appliances in the past year, and that convection, steam and induction cooking are on the rise. Under Signature Kitchen Suite’s “True to Food” mission, the new culinary advancements address these evolving needs and cater to today’s forward-thinking TechnicureanTM (a term SKS coined) home chefs. The brand has become known for delivering precision and high performance with each of its offerings to bring restaurant-quality cooking into homes.

“Signature Kitchen Suite embraces the idea that better cooking is possible through better thinking, and nowhere is this more evident than in our 2020 culinary portfolio, where our appliances incorporate purposeful design and professional-grade features to help elevate the functionality of today’s home kitchen,” said Zach Elkin, general manager for Signature Kitchen Suite. “With our full line of luxury, built-in appliances you’ll find the perfect blend of innovation, precision and purposeful design for every kitchen, and every appetite.”

Each of the new Wi-Fi enabled smart appliances is powered by ThinQ® technology.

For more information on the full suite of appliances including the location of specialty kitchen dealers carrying the expanded line, visit SignatureKitchenSuite.com, a luxury division of LG Electronics.